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Phansi, Down with Labour Brokers Watch streams. Phansi, Down with Labour Brokers Watch streaming sur internet. Break The Chains Statement SOURCE The Break The Chains Campaign is circulating a letter written by prison inmates that was originally written for publication as a letter to the editor of the Times of Swaziland, the kingdom’s only independent daily newspaper. The editor decided not to publish it. The letter was passed on to Break The Chains, which has published it widely on the Internet. Open Letter to the Editor of the Times of Swaziland From: Concerned Inmates at Matsapha Central Prison (Please Mr Editor publish this sensitive letter) When a country stops emotions against its own citizens who had happened to brake the law called inmates. In fact felt compelled to respond or react to the false information about the country's non-existent peace but there is silence abundance in this hell on earth called Swaziland. May i kindly draw the attention of the public about the very severe conditions one is expected to live under once you are victim of being an inmate in our own country. This country has adopted slogan of the book called Animal Farm which i read while i was a student before i was a victim of un-employment. and we all tend to crime not knowing that we are inviting internal death. Pls, can anyone reply my undderlisted questions with due respect: I am humbly hereby forced to let the world know what is happening behind the scence of our prisons which are suppossed to be correctional services. Now i wonder whether does our country's courts ever consider introduction of the following programmes; parole, community services sentences, trained ex-convicts who have gone through rehabilitation processes, proper wellfare for human kind. When will the country respect its constitution? I was always wondering how and when our Law Society shall voice out our crys and all the courts are not fair at all and are freely run or managed. When shall our correctional HIV/AIDS Policy which does not exist in reality as a lot of inmates are dying like flys withou proper treatment? We are starving here whereas a lot of people out there are stealing millions of Emalangeni, now the country does not have money or the econmy is grounded. Who are the calprits? Now is time for change, lets join hands in building the economy. Infact these institutions need intensive investigation urgently before the current number of inmates who are sentenced before their trials since the "Justice System" is remote contrled somewhere. A s such there are no fair trial in the country's courts, e. g., even the Stay Away by the learned friends can attest as evident prove beyond reasonable doubts. Reference to some of the list of our brothers who happened to be on the wrong side of the law for variuos criminal deeds, of which some are victims of being povery stricken. Corruption is at its highest degree, even the constitutional forum like the Anti-Corruption Unit will not win, e. g., look how many cases had been tried since its formation. This a prison of death, never ever be fooled by those who bad mouth us as inmates who are being fed by their relatives aas there is non-tax paying store inside who charges oue relative exhaubitant prices (they rake 300% profits) e. g., Peterstyvesant 20 = E28-00, shoe polish 50ml = E7. 50, Rama 250g =E10. 50, Clere coco-butter lotion 400ml E18. 50, Vasseline 250ml= E18. 50, Milk umcenge 1L = E18. 50, cigarette per loose = E2. 50, Colgate 100ml = E15. 00 and 50ml = E8. 90, Apples E1. 20 each. I would also like to refer to the menu: We are fed beans and porridge, sour soft porridge, 4 thin and dry slices of bread, small pieces of chicken with one cup (250ml), boiled cabbage and 250ml cup. All in all the list of this kind cannot keep ill inmates who are also very sick with high rate of HIV/AIDS pandemic, so the only justice saviour by the name Correctional Commissioner was trying to address in good faith, but Dlamini a daughter of a certain prince who happens to be a chief is working against his efforts of improving awareness amongst our peer inmates who show appreciation for very kind gesture of hard working commissioner Mr M Ntshangase who reinstated ADVEB trying to correct inmates which was not the case under the former one Mr Useless Mnguni, who never bothered at all to even come and say hi deadly criminals for the past 7 to 9 years. I have save under his Admin (non-existent). The current commissioner is more visional, look, since inception he has built schools for offenders: a motive to instill productivity instead of being criminals. Has introduced NGOs like PSI Swaziland, AMICAL, ICAP who have trained more inmates on various subjects under healthcare, but all will be in vain because of the said devil with horns Takhona Motsa nee Dlamini. The commissioner has changed the former doctor of correctional deed removed him called Dr Khayam who act as a hangman in white coat pretending to be a doctor The only hope now rests entirely with help before most inmates, some of which are innocent, end up being killed. Everything under the administration of this senior nurse who does not care about our welfare she had even stopped most inmates who had all this years accessing antiretroviral drugs from various health facilities like Mbabane government hospital and Manzini RFM hospital, etc. Some were on ARVs even before they get into the hell disguising as a correctional yet still controlled like a prison. We live under harsh conditions, starved and told the economy is dry. Why can't we be given options of fine which shall boost the dry spell economy. They say on each prisoner they spend E175. 00 per day, but we eat the very same porridge, boiled cabbage, beans. Moreso, all this is produced by our sweat and toil from 5am up until 3. 30pm doing hard labour, being called all sorts of names by the warders who are trained as under the prison era. The VCT here is non-functional at all, it serves the interests of the warders and thei families who recieve best service at our expense. May you refer copy of the letter to the Commissioner of Human Rights in Swaziland, chairman, Mr Sabelo Masuku. Let him know about these ills and rotten conditions of prison walls without showeers, toilet seats, rotten bungbeds. Urge their office to stage an investigation. There is n provision of toiletories, no earning schemes aas per the procedure of 25c a day, even working hours are extended from between 5. 30 to 3. 30, sometimes its even worse. The Chief Justicce employed that fellow countryman to head the anticorruption unit, no one arrested at all. Look at the nonstarter cases, e. g., E50m suspects, Embassy Village land worth E30m, E34m for non existent King's jet, Lutfo and companny's scam, and land sell at no value or fee by our PM and company. Hey, lets forget it man, nothing shall ever make sense in this country for free for thy closer thee amen and war unto thou who were born without blue blood connection. We shall rott in jail for out misfortune of being born poor. Now they want to give the only land of our forefathers as surity. Initialy they started by inviting these tourists refered to as investers, e. g. Taiwaneese, Arabs and manymore, who were told about cheap labour or slaves who eat from hand to mouth. Now even the pandemoc shall always with this continued violation of human rights in thhis farm called SD. Inside and outside, there are innocent souls swept away by the deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB and MRDTB. Here is a list of death toll ever since i was arrested, that is before the falsely adopted constitution in the late 1990s till now: Dolobha Manzini, Bonganni Sithole, Wonder Zwane, Bongani Buthelezi, Raymond Matimba, Mandla Dlamini (of Hhohho area), the list is endless. Now, what is the use of Tinkhundla in this regard? When are we going to implement the will of the nation listed under chapter 4 of the Kingdom's Supreme Law? e. g section 16, 17, 19 and 22, that talks about the right to liberty, life, protection from inhuman or degrading treatment and fair hearing. This includes the right to personal confidentiality eg disclosure of one's status of HIV/AIDS. HIV prevalance is high amongst inmates, rough estimate is around 50-200 are on AART and those about to start ART but living positve life. They are without balanced to sustain the various drugs which are even scarce to get: all this rests on entirely on the inefficiency of the Staff Nurse Takhona Motsa who is a red devil living in Mtsapha Prison Hell. Infact she is very influential when it comes to who must live or die. They even doom the world by saying there is VCT and provision of drugs: this is a slaughter house, an abartour indeed. Takhona has turned that brothel or sorce of herself and smuggles out the drugs destined for inmates.

Phansi, Down with Labour Brokers Watch stream new. Phansi, Down with Labour Brokers Watch stream online. Phansi, Down with Labour Brokers Watch. Swaziland’s only ‘independent’ television station Channel Swazi (Channel S) has been boasting about new equipment it has installed in its studios. Congratulations to them, but what a pity that the standards of their programmes remain so awful. For those who haven’t been paying attention the Times Sunday newspaper reported (13 January 2008) that E6 million (just under one million US dollars) had been spent on upgrading facilities. Channel S is a controversial television station run by an equally controversial man Qhawe Mamba. Swaziland is not a democracy and the government on behalf of the monarchy keeps a strong control of broadcast media. However, in 2001, in an effort to mislead the outside world that Swaziland allowed freedom of expression, the government allowed Channel S, to begin operating within the kingdom. King Mswati III supported Channel S, because he wanted to show that his regime was democratic and respected human rights, but this illusion was soon exposed when Channel S had its offices raided by police after it screened a report deemed too critical of the king. The authorities immediately reined in any hint of independence at Channel S. The criticism of the king was an aberration, because Mamba has always been excessively loyal to the monarchy. For many years he managed to hold down two jobs. Even while he was head of Channel S he was employed full time by the Swaziland government-controlled station, Swazi TV. During this time Mamba was a ‘praise singer’ for Swazi King Mswati III. A ‘praise singer’ is exactly what it sounds like and Mamba would travel across the world following the king on his travels and reporting back for Swazi TV on the king’s deeds and singing the praises of the king to anyone who would listen. What Mamba and Channel S presented was hardly independent news. But we expect this from broadcasters in Swaziland so there is nothing new here. Today Channel S can jump up and down with excitement all it likes about the new equipment, but it doesn’t alter the fact that the programmes the channel produces are extremely bad. Most of the programming on the station isn’t even produced in Swaziland. The programme schedules are full of cheap imports (endlessly repeated), mainly from the US. But, of course, the new equipment will be used on homegrown shows. Certainly, something needs to be done about the way Channel S produces its news. Here’s what they put out last Thursday (17 January 2008) on their English language news programme. The programme started with the newsreader facing the camera, stumbling her way through a script of the news. I hope viewers had not been drinking too much because they would have suffered a bout of motion sickness as the camera swayed first to left and right and then up and down. A photograph illustrating the report she was reading first appeared on screen, then disappeared. Then a blank space appeared where the photograph should have been. And this was only the first minute of the programme. The first news report didn’t appear. When it did, the picture froze and the sound came on… and then went off. The camera showed the newsreader looking like a startled dog caught in the headlights of a car. To cover up the mistake, Channel S went to a commercial. But even that didn’t work. So it was back to the news report. Once that was over it was on to the second report. But this report covered pictures that had just been shown in the previous report. I’ll put Channel S out of its misery here and not tell you about the rest of the 30-minute programme. Regular viewers of Channel S news programmes (if there are any) will know that what I have described is not a one-off occurrence. The news is like this every day. Channel S should stop worrying about new equipment; it should start hiring people who know how to do their job. Channel S operations manager Mduduzi Hleta is quoted in the Times Sunday saying that ‘almost half a million’ people in Swaziland watch the channel. This is certainly untrue. Half a million people amounts to roughly half the population of Swaziland (adults and children) and since more than two thirds of people in Swaziland live in abject poverty on less than one US dollar a day it is highly unlikely they can afford to watch television. I leave it up to you to speculate why Channel S tells lies about its viewing figures but in truth until the quality of its programmes improves dramatically it will be lucky to keep half a dozen viewers let alone half a million. See also TELEVISION MISUSES CHILDREN

Phansi, Down with Labour Brokers Watch stream of consciousness. Phansi, Down with Labour Brokers Watch streaming. Production Notes from IMDbPro Status: Completed | See complete list of in-production titles  » Updated: 8 June 2018 More Info: See more production information about this title on IMDbPro. Edit Storyline A South African story of casual (i. e. temp, contingent, precarious) workers, failed by an outdated industrial union movement. More than twenty years since the end of apartheid, disparate groups of mainly women workers for whom very little has changed - failed by the state, betrayed by an outdated and distracted trade union movement and subjugated by modern labour brokering practices - find solidarity through the work of an advice office run by a dying breed of ex-freedom fighters who have stuck to their liberation ideals rather than pursue lucrative positions in government or the private sector. Through processes of self-education and a sense of collectivism these women take on the might of multi-national corporate greed and through a series of small victories ultimately contribute greatly to rendering this class of cheap labour illegal in South Africa, while serving as a clarion call to similar classes of workers all over the world to stand up and fight for their rights. Written by Tariq Richards Plot Summary Add Synopsis Details Also Known As: Simunye: Against Cheap Labour See more  » Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs  » Did You Know? Soundtracks Simunye Written by Brandon Markell Holmes and The Chicago Afrobeat Project Courtesy of Brandon Markell Homes See more ».

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