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Three Bullets... for a Long Gun
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Three Bullets... for a Long Gun


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Three bullets... for a long gun sale. Three Bullets. for a Long gun owners. You'll hear that line at least 50 times in this movie, typically from the character Lucky Gomez (Keith G. van der Wat.
Not that I'm knocking "Three Bullets for a Long Gun" because it's a pretty impressive quasi-Spaghetti Western. I say "quasi" because it's actually a South African Western, which is where it was shot. Speaking of which, some of the locations and cinematography are spectacular. In any case, the movie has the tone of a Spaghetti Western and is obviously a knock-off of 1966's "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, albeit only half as long (which is a good thing. Lucky Gomez is essentially the Tuco character; Beau Brummell plays the Blondie role, simply named "Major; and Patrick Mynhardt plays the "bad" character, Hawkeye or One-Eye. Like in Sergio Leone's Western, these three are vying for a treasure the entire movie, in this case hidden in a mine somewhere.
Despite the fact that "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" was used as a blueprint, this is an effective and unique enough film to make it worthwhile; that is, if you like Spaghetti Westerns (I generally don't. Beau Brummell is great in the Eastwood role, laconic and ultra cool, whereas Keith G. is competent in the Tuco role as a sorta likable lout. Some say Keith's stereotypical performance gives Mexicans a bad name. Yeah, like Tuco didn't? Besides, Keith is playing ONE character, not representing an entire nation of people and, furthermore, his performance rings true, not of all Mexicans but of A Mexican in THIS story, if you know what I mean. Beau and Keith incidentally wrote the screenplay.
The problem with "Three Bullets for a Long gun" is the flaw with most Spaghetti Westerns. the protagonists are one-dimensional and amoral and therefore uninteresting. As such, the story is boring, which it partially makes up for with a creative early-70s score, albeit no where near as good as Ennio Morricone's; they even throw in a wannabe radio-hit in the middle of the film à la "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" with "Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head; furthermore, the film has loads of style and a few beautiful women in minor roles.
So "Three Bullets for a Long Gun" is a quality South African Western in the "Man with No Name" mode, creative and hip, but also derivative. It's too bad that they didn't include characters or a story that would interest the viewer.
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Director: Peter Henkel Cast: Beau Brummel Keith Van Der Wat Patrick Mynhardt Tullio Moneta Don McCorkindale Gaby Getz Butch Stoltz John Barroso Celia Brummell Janis Reinhardt Music: Keith Mansfield See Database Page Several people have called this a spaghetti western, even if it's a South-African production, shot on South-African locations. It clearly rips off Sergio Leone's dollar movies and offers a few winks at Corbucci and Peckinpah as well. The tone is tongue-in-cheek throughout, with some of the comedy being a bit too silly for its own good. The film opens with an execution scene: a man is shot by an firing squad and a second man, Luciano (Lucky for friends) is waiting for his turn. In the very last moment, the squad members are shot by a stranger (he will be called 'Major' throughout the movie) who witnessed the proceedings from a distance. This is all more Corbucci than Leone, but we soon enter Leone territory when the Major gives the intended victim of the execution ceremony the opportunity to face the commander of the firing squad in a duel supervised by himself, in the style of For a Few Dollars More. The Major has only saved Lucky Luciano's life because he's interested in the half of the treasure map in possession of the Mexican vagabond. If you haven't recognized the premise of The Good, the Bad & the Ugly by now, you must have had a very rough night. Three Bullets for a Long Gun is not bad, but not great either. Even with a running time of no more than 81 minutes it feels a little longish, in the first place because of this rather protracted, uneventful finale. I had counted on a Mexican standoff, but instead we get a silly variation on Russian roulette and then, all of a sudden, it's over. The opening scene, on the other hand, is quite good and halfway through we get a scene set in the camp of a villain called Hawkeye, who's no doubt the most colorful character in the entire movie. He has only one eye and raising his voice will immediately leave him gasping for breath. Some of his scenes are hilarious. The camp is also populated with beautiful South-African señoritas - all showing their legs in a sexy dance - and the scene ends in a Peckinpah like massacre, slomo and weird sound-effects and all. The movie was shot in 1970 and director Henkel probably picked up The Wild Bunch while preparing the movie and immediately changed his plans. A lot of Leone with a sniff of Peckinpah must have sounded like a winning formula. It isn't, not really, but I suppose most spaghetti western lovers will enjoy it. Personally I found it mildly entertaining. Spanish lines that are supposed to sound Mexican are quite funny when spoken by a South-African. Actually, the accents and landscape work better than the actors, although Van der Wat (who also wrote the screenplay) has a few funny moments as a poor man's Tuco. I thought the music was decent too (I particularly liked this plaintive trumpet. One of the forum members, Reverend Danite, came across a wild rumor spread by Patrick Agan in his book about the life and career of Clint Eastwood, written in the mid seventies: Just as the news that Clint Eastwood was getting ready to star and direct himself in Play Misty For Me got abroad in the land, a rumor surfaced that he was going to re-tread The Man With No Name in a South African Western. A company there called Icarus Films had announced that he was going to star for them in Three Bullets For A Long Gun to be made on location in Pretoria, South Africa. In fact a deal was almost signed when the company ran into trouble. Their initial feature, another Western called Thou Shalt Not Kill, ran into difficulties with South Africa's touchy censors, and had to be withdrawn as too violent. Unfortunately the movie company had planned on using the profits from the first picture to finance their second one. Since there were no profits the whole deal went down the drain. " In a reaction Peter Henkel's son said he had never heard of this before and also thought it was very unlikely that Clint would have considered to appear in a South-African movie in 1970. Henkel and Van der Wat would re-unite two years later for a sequel, They Call Me Lucky, that is reputed to be the better movie of the two. How to watch this movie? There's no official DVD release, but loads of VHS releases (Dutch, Greek, Danish, German, American) they're out of print but can still be picked up, although some releases have become rare (and therefore more expensive) the American tapes can be purchased for a reasonable price. Several torrent sites offer fullscreen versions of the movie. It can also be watched on You Tube. - By Scherpschutter.
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Three bullets... for a long gun permit. Three bullets for a long gun soundtrack. Three bullets... for a long gun reviews. Three bullets... for a long gun test. Edit Release Dates South Africa 8 May 1971 (Midnight Movie) 12 May 1971 UK October 1974 USA January 1975 West Germany 25 April 1975 Also Known As (AKA) original title) Three Bullets. for a Long Gun France Le sanguinaire, le roublard, le vicieux Germany Friss den Staub von meinen Stiefeln Greece (video title) Enas tafos se perimenei Italy Ehi amigo! Tocca a te morire South Africa (English title) theatrical title) Three Bullets. For a Long Gun Sweden (video title) Kalla mig Lucky Friss den Staub von meinen Stiefeln.

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Three Bullets. for a Long gun hand. Three bullets... for a long gun safe. Three Bullets. for a Long gun. Directed by Peter Henkel South Africa, 1970 Western 89 Synopsis Produced in SA in 1975 and released in the US. When Clint Eastwood saw the film he said that Patrick (Hawkeye) was one of the best baddies hed ever seen! This film is not currently playing on MUBI but 30 other great films are. See whats now showing Three Bullets for a Long Gun Show all (11) Cast & Crew Director Patrick Mynhardt Cast Keith Van Der Wat Screenplay and Cast Andre Liebenberg Cinematography Keith Mansfield Music Ramsay Joynt Producer Beau Brummell Tullio Moneta (1) What are people saying? Andre's rating of the film Three Bullets for a Long Gun Andre Not really "good" in any conventional sense of the word (nor in any unconventional sense of the word for that matter) but too shabbily charming to be written off, with a weirdly effective climax. July 24, 2017 12:30 0 In these lists WORLDWEIRD CINEMA by Jared Films 334 Followers 554 Africa Project's Mubi Submissions by The Africa Film Project 1310 114 Lost Continent: Cinema of South Africa 204 80 The Africa Project Part 5: Senegal - Sudan 331 77.

Three Bullets. for a Long gun shop. Three Bullets. For A Long Gun ' Lucky' Keith V. D. Wat South Africa goes Spaghetti West! Major' saves 'Lucky' from an execution because 'Lucky' has the other half of the path to a treasure. Sound familiar? Well the similiarities to 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' does not stop there. 'Lucky' tries to be a Tuco like character while 'Major' is a quiet 'Man With No Name' character eating Monkey Nuts. Also when 'Lucky' is digging up a grave it's very similiar to Tuco's perfomance in GBU. There's also a 'Bad' Hawkeye) but he gets killed way too early, would have been nice too see more of Patrick Mynhardt's great madman perfomance. South Africa locations aren't too bad for a Western. We get a lot of sun and deserts with some nice scenery. No towns, but some ruins. There's also a scene with some Peckinpah style slow motion gunfighting. Music by Keith Mansfield isn't your regular, got some nice tunes & some not that nice. The sound effects sounds really enhanced and dubbed later on. Feels cheap and copies alot. Ends too suddenly with a near anticlimax. Much better than the worst of the real Spaghetti's though. Something for Spaghetti Western fans to keep an eye out for.

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