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Fun fact : I'm a kid and I'm watching things like saw,nightmare on elm street,Halloween ect. and not even a tiny bit scared guess this is another movie to add to my list. Death of a ghost hunter movie. 544 coments going to watch this guys 😆. Death of a Ghost Hunter Directed by Sean Tretta Produced by Mike Marsh Sean Tretta Written by Mike Marsh Sean Tretta Starring Davina Joy Linday Page Patti Tindall Music by Mike Marsh Cinematography Sean Tretta Edited by Sean Tretta Production company Ominous Productions Distributed by Maxim Media International Release date 2007 Running time 107 minutes Language English Death of a Ghost Hunter is a 2007 horror / suspense film, directed by Sean Tretta. Plot [ edit] Ghost hunter Carter Simms is offered 5, 000 to stay a weekend in the Masterson house to investigate paranormal activity. The owner of the house also hires Colin Green as the videographer and Yvette Sandoval as a journalist. Together they set up equipment and begin searching for evidence of ghosts or paranormal activity. The group is then joined by Mary Young Mortensen, a young member of the Mastersons' church. She claims she was also sent by owner of the house to assist in the investigation. She also states that she is there to protect the reputations of the Mastersons because they were great members of their church. The group stays in the Masterson house for three days. Several mysterious things happen: The room temperature in the master bedroom lowers dramatically in a short period; a chair moves on its own; a gunshot and mysterious voices are recorded and some ghostly figures are recorded on video. By the beginning of day three, Colin gets a call from the owner of the house and it turns out Mary Young Mortensen was never supposed to be at the house; so Carter forces Mary to leave. Later that night, nothing much is happening, but the group reviews a video tape and sees a figure in the guest house. As they are going to investigate the guest house, we flash to a scene where Mary is on a radio talk show concerned about the people out to discredit the good name of the Mastersons. She convinces herself she needs to stop them and returns to the house. Mary then begins killing all members of the group, writes a note, and commits suicide much like the mother did in the opening scenes of the movie. It turns out Mary was the small child left by the mother in the opening scene. She was rescued before she drowned and apparently adopted by the first officer to arrive on the scene. As Mary is preparing for her suicide, she tells the sordid story of the Mastersons, involving the imprisonment, rape and torture of her mother who eventually became pregnant with her. The birth of Mary caused Mrs. Masterson to kill her family and Mary's mother. As the movie ends, it switches to a scene where Carter is seen looking at and into an infrared camera. She is now a ghost in the house, unable to leave along with the other ghosts. Cast [ edit] Davina Joy as Yvette Sandoval Mike Marsh as Colin Green William McMinn as Peter Masterson Lindsay Page as Mary Young Mortenson Patti Tindall as Carter Simms Reception [ edit] The low-budget film received mixed reviews. It was praised for being genuinely scary, while others criticised the poor acting. [1] 2] 3] 4] See also [ edit] List of ghost films References [ edit] External links [ edit] Death of a Ghost Hunter on IMDb.

Death of a ghost hunter 2007 free. Death of a ghost hunter online. Death of a ghost hunter review. Death of a ghost hunter. Death of a Ghost hunter. Thanks, I really loved it, it has been on YouTube for a while until two years ago I've always wanted to see it again. Death of a ghost hunter 2007. Death of a ghost hunter (2007.

Death of a ghost hunter lektor pl. Death of a ghost hunter full movie. I thought this was ok - it was engaging enough to make me want to carry on watching to see what happens. i dont think it needed to be as long as it was to be honest though. the sound quality wasnt too good at times, but the ending summed up the film nicely. creepy rather then gory. i wouldnt watch it again though. Death of a Ghost hunter x. Death of a ghost hunter youtube. Death of a ghost hunter filmdom.

The movie starts with a pro-life Christian killing a baby. Enough said. Death of a ghost hunter on youtube.

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I watched this film all the way through, I really enjoyed it! thanks for sharing it. Death of a ghost hunter online sa prevodom. Death of a ghost hunter watch online full movie. Death of a ghost hunter 2007 123 movie. Death of a ghost hunter download. Death of a ghost hunter 123movies. Death of a Ghost hunter 4. Death of a ghost hunter rotten tomatoes. Good movie, thanks. I've accidentally watched another movie with Parker being the main character and she's definitely better at this one. Death of a ghost hunter movie online. Kinda reminded me of sinister anyone else. Wow a ghost hunter with great legs. I really liked it, and thank you for making it available for free! And ignore the dumb and hateful comments; consider that most of them probably just come from people that have no idea about what it takes to make a movie, probably people who's editing skills only extend to posting selfies on ig or fb.

This movie was pretty dame good. Death of a ghost hunter full movie download. Death of a ghost hunter full movie in hindi. Death of a Ghost hunter 3. Death of a ghost hunter (2007) trailer. Death of a ghost hunters. Death of a ghost hunter free. Death of a Ghost hunters.

I wish the music wasn't so loud. Better yet strike the music

Death of a ghost hunter torrent. Death of a Ghost hunter freedom. Good Film but that bloody tinny piano music will damage anyones ear drums it goes right through you😣. Death of a ghost hunter true story. Carter Simms was a paranormal investigator offered 5, 000 dollars if she would investigate the notorious home of a murdered family, slain through the use of a butcher knife. Considering herself a skeptic sort of investigator, who goes into places reputed to be haunted, Carter attempts to "debunk" claims of paranormal activity. But the Masterson home isn't like any other place she's ever investigated, and as the film informs us right off the bat, this would be her last investigation. Accompanied, much to her chagrin(she likes to investigate homes and other places by herself without others to get in the way of a proper investigation) by a video camera operator and a journalist(and an annoying, finger-pointing, judgmental religious fanatical girl who comes uninvited) at the behest of the owner of the Masterson home, Carter will conduct her investigation and make some startling discoveries. With investigative tools fans of GHOST HUNTERS might recognize(EMF and EVP detectors, digital night vision cameras) DEATH OF A GHOST HUNTER might appeal to fans of paranormal investigation reality shows. This movie does go a bit overboard with detailed explanations at the end to inform the viewer exactly what happened in the Masterson home and why, but there are some surprising eerie moments to be had here. We watch as the others have their difficulties contending with Mary Young Mortenson(Lindsay Page)and her bible thumping criticisms, always offering her beliefs and scolding them repeatedly. It is rather unfortunate that in the movies, this seems to be the way Christians are often always depicted, to be so obnoxious and irritating. That said, Page is quite chilling when it seems she has become possessed by whatever lurks within. Sickly and rather ill-tempered, Page seems to deteriorate psychologically. Davina Joy is the rather liberal and carefree Yvette, a polar opposite of Mary Young, a girl who likes to have a good time and dresses more "provocatively" well to someone like Mary Young, it's provocative) swears, and talks about sex openly. Mike Marsh is Colin, the chain-smoking video camera tech specialist, a profane, but friendly guy who really does lend Carter a hand when it comes to catching paranormal activity. Patti Tindall, the film's narrative voice, is Carter Simms, her character's journal entries the basis for most of what we see during the film. It isn't until the fates of all involved are decided, where the film takes an alternate route to show us what actually happened to the Mastersons, as well as, some dirty, little secrets which pollute their supposedly saintly reputation as beloved God-fearing servants of the Lord.
I think the most indelible image which might be remembered is the the ghost girl peeking from her room, but other moments are almost just as creepy: a captured image of a ghost named Miranda(who becomes an important figure in why the murders took place, herself a devastating victim of religious fanaticism and hidden sexual deviance)moving across a window from another building across from the Masterson house, the "headdress" a device which locks on a victim's head, costumed with crucifixes) and nude photographs which spill out of a bible found in a closet. The "paranormal attack" is a bit too over the top for my tastes and reeks of POLTERGEIST, although a chair dragging across the floor by itself always works for me personally. The revelations of the Mastersons themselves, particularly the patriarch, are certainly eye-opening, but the exposition which concludes the film, narrated by the delusional Mary Young, goes on and on to infinity. I like the idea of giving us little hints without feeling the need to draw us a map. Carter herself does seem to keep it together until the activity grows more intense, and Mary Young becomes more of a nuisance.

PreDICKtable. I'm safe Tom. 😁😁. Death of a ghost hunter movie review.


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Death of a ghost hunter cast. I saw two minutes and got bored. Death of a ghost hunter film.