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@tlcjanetfan wow they need more of this old school music is where it is at. 4716 points, 42 submissions: u/Zhanteimi Let's Talk Music's Album of the Decade. 212 points, 398 comments) The way we consume music and "the generation gap" 199 points, 211 comments) The end is nigh. 178 points, 302 comments) Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell (170 points, 48 comments) list] We're halfway through 2019, so what great album so far this year is one most people haven't heard? And why is it so great? 166 points, 110 comments) Voting for Top "Disturbing" Albums (158 points, 262 comments) Let's talk: Bands that have only one album, and that album happens to be amazing (146 points, 180 comments) January 10th, 2019: the third anniversary of David Bowie's death (143 points, 22 comments) We're halfway through 2018, so what great album so far this year is one most people haven't heard? And why is it so great? 141 points, 98 comments) Zappa on music videos and music as product (139 points, 31 comments) 2926 points, 22 submissions: u/wildistherewind Let's Talk: Genres that have become a victim to virtuoso musicianship (227 points, 155 comments) List] Albums that are influential but not great (208 points, 325 comments) RIP Aretha Franklin (198 points, 25 comments) List] Artists who weren't successful until after their 20s (192 points, 114 comments) Let's Talk: Ginger Baker (180 points, 27 comments) Let's Talk: Yellow Magic Orchestra and imaginary Asia (164 points, 33 comments) Let's Talk: Really, really long Spotify playlists (162 points, 130 comments) Let's Talk: How will the flattening of music access inform future musicians? 161 points, 66 comments) What albums are great despite their bad album art? 143 points, 264 comments) Let's Talk: When Artists Go Gospel (137 points, 58 comments) 2454 points, 17 submissions: u/JesusWasWayCool 25 years ago today, Nirvana recorded their "MTV Unplugged in New York" live album. (303 points, 66 comments) Lars Ulrich and the Importance of Having Business Savvy People in a Band (277 points, 105 comments) I f* ing love the use of field recordings in music. (228 points, 67 comments) Greatest example of wasted potential in music? 213 points, 501 comments) Musicians who have written extensively about their own music (203 points, 53 comments) What makes good ambient music? 153 points, 53 comments) The last album you listened to that was just a total mess? List] 150 points, 261 comments) Things that musicians (who you otherwise enjoy) do that really bother you? 123 points, 204 comments) Is anyone else into slowed down versions of albums? 108 points, 90 comments) Horror Stories Contained In Single Songs? 97 points, 160 comments) 2356 points, 18 submissions: u/19dja_03 Who owns the rights to jihadi music? 258 points, 43 comments) How did the Caribbean become so disproportionately influential in global popular music? 179 points, 36 comments) The argument that "Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven were jazz and pop musicians within their time. 176 points, 117 comments) List) 1950s-era songs that don't neatly fit into any genre (167 points, 58 comments) Gen X and Y redditors: What are your feelings about the music and musical tastes of Generation Z so far? 145 points, 219 comments) Let's talk: Legacy-destroying scandals in music (143 points, 165 comments) List] What makes a record "timeless" and what are some songs from before 1969 that are not obvious products of their time? 137 points, 114 comments) Music theory behind trap? 128 points, 32 comments) The decline of improvised classical music - what happened? 128 points, 28 comments) Let's shed some light on a couple of important but relatively obscure (to mainstream audiences) music scenes in history (125 points, 40 comments) 1892 points, 15 submissions: u/nowlan101 Parliament-Funkadelic is one of the greatest rock and roll groups of all time but the 70s racial divide in both music and music criticism robbed them of their just acclaim. (513 points, 185 comments) The Bee Gees are the only musical act I can think of off the top of my head that adopted/changed their musical style for commercial reasons without the music suffering as a result. (151 points, 117 comments) Let's talk about: If an artist should be praised for being an executive producer or The Beyoncé/Kanye problem. (126 points, 79 comments) Let's talk about: Albums that are hard, but rewarding listens. (108 points, 144 comments) Can you tell when an artist has the potential to be great? AKA, the Radiohead problem. (106 points, 71 comments) Those of you who are into "outsider" music (ex: The Shaggs, Daniel Johnston, Jandek) What draws you to it? How does it fit with your musical tastes? How often do you come back to it? 104 points, 50 comments) Let's talk about: Bands or artists of the 2010's that you believe have their own unique sound, and why? 100 points, 93 comments) Lets talk about: Futuresex/Lovesounds - Justin Timberlake (98 points, 18 comments) Let's talk about: Astro Lounge - Smash Mouth (96 points, 31 comments) Lets talk about: Whats the best “bridge” youve heard in a song? 91 points, 97 comments) 1672 points, 1 submission: u/coffeezombie Let's Talk: Songs that are good introductions to different styles of music (1672 points, 670 comments) 1273 points, 7 submissions: u/Arblos What would you say was the worst musical trend of the 10's? 276 points, 342 comments) Let's Talk: Is the SoundCloud Rap movement going to even make it to 2020? 241 points, 89 comments) What would you say was the BEST musical trend of the 10's? 235 points, 186 comments) Let's Talk: Billboard's Top Rock Songs of the Decade (203 points, 108 comments) What is the strangest music-related rumor you've heard of? 112 points, 122 comments) Let's Talk: The "Big Music" 104 points, 32 comments) Let's Talk: Sean Kingston. How did he flame out so fast? 102 points, 49 comments) 1189 points, 9 submissions: u/ausernameofaperson I don't get the appeal of Car Seat Headrest at all. (164 points, 65 comments) What band or artist do you have mixed feelings on? 160 points, 313 comments) What a band or artist that it's "cool to hate" that you like? 143 points, 469 comments) Is AM by Arctic Monkeys an overhated album? 133 points, 50 comments) Let's talk The 1975: what is your opinion on them? 127 points, 73 comments) Problems you have with bands or artists you like? 127 points, 367 comments) Describe what you love about some of your favorite bands and artists. (121 points, 94 comments) list] What do you love about some of your favourite albums of all time? 121 points, 93 comments) list] What are your personal one hit wonders (aka bands or artists that are known for more than one song, but have only one song you really like. 93 points, 216 comments) 1093 points, 9 submissions: u/dabigpersian What even was XXXTentacion? 219 points, 76 comments) What's gonna be the sound of 2020 and why? 165 points, 133 comments) What's your favorite "obscure" album? And when did you find it appropriate to play it for someone. (152 points, 123 comments) Everybody's got that weird ass music they vibe to alone. What's yours? 116 points, 219 comments) What is your 5 songs that show the future of music? 115 points, 62 comments) How does everyone feel about music that's lost it's shock value (86 points, 62 comments) What's your favorite genre's golden age? What makes an era a golden age? 86 points, 146 comments) In your opinion, what was the defining musical expression (song, sound, genre, album, etc) of 2018 for you? and why? 79 points, 62 comments) Let's Talk: Motley Crue and The Dirt (75 points, 72 comments) 1091 points, 7 submissions: u/DungeonessSpit Songs that are overplayed as hell and are staples of classic rock radio but have a geniusness that goes underappreciated among serious music fans (207 points, 168 comments) We often hear about bands selling out, but what're some bands that stepped away from the mainstream and became better as a result? 198 points, 144 comments) Albums you were obsessed with when you were younger that you no longer get anything out of (177 points, 191 comments) Albums where the final moments are the very best part (173 points, 212 comments) Double albums that actually justify being double albums (170 points, 239 comments) Sandinista! by the Clash (85 points, 37 comments) Does anyone else feel slightly disconnected from the music if the person singing isn't the one who wrote the lyrics? 81 points, 84 comments) 969 points, 6 submissions: u/BookerDeWittsCarbine Being saddled as an "emo band" prevented My Chemical Romance from getting the respect they deserve as one of the best bands of the 2000s (319 points, 172 comments) What band was your gateway drug? 156 points, 232 comments) Take your current playlist and throw that bad boy onto shuffle. Post the next ten songs you get and talk about why you like them. (140 points, 184 comments) Are there bands that remind you of certain seasons? Not Christmas music, but ones that remind you of summer or autumn? 126 points, 159 comments) Happy Halloween! Instead of being a Dr, Victor Frankenstein becomes a DJ and he puts together bodies by building playlists. Build a monster using song titles and tell us about them! 122 points, 57 comments) Are there new bands you love but feel like you're too old for? 106 points, 177 comments) 832 points, 8 submissions: u/Bokb3o [list]What are Some Embarrassing Songs Released by your Favorite Artists, and Why Do You Find Them Embarrassing? 161 points, 278 comments) The World Needs More People Like Jonathon Richman (138 points, 31 comments) Songwriters: How do you do it? 106 points, 58 comments) Alt-Country anyone? 103 points, 124 comments) Let's Talk JanglePop (85 points, 84 comments) Supergroups. Who are some that succeeded, and some not so much? 82 points, 192 comments) What are some really cool radio stations in your country or region? 79 points, 107 comments) Let's talk about Rush (78 points, 83 comments) 775 points, 6 submissions: u/cdr4321 The Buddy Holly Test: How would Legendary Artists Be Remembered if They Died at 23 (176 points, 188 comments) Albums with Both Great Openers and Closers (165 points, 179 comments) Bands with the Longest Classic Period (117 points, 333 comments) Albums that took you a long time to understand (111 points, 98 comments) Prince as a Lyricisit (105 points, 57 comments) Extremely Famous Songs That Change within the Context of an Album (101 points, 92 comments) 768 points, 8 submissions: u/19djafoij02 Waves, chills, and lofi beats: The resurgence of easy listening (141 points, 29 comments) Andrea Bocelli just debuted at #1 on Billboard. (120 points, 37 comments) Let's talk: Eminem, Kamikaze, and the generation gap in rap (103 points, 131 comments) Old genres don't die, they just get sampled. Hip-hop production and how rock (and jazz and classical) can remain relevant (91 points, 45 comments) Let's talk. Un-popular" music. (81 points, 138 comments) Lets See Ghosts (Cudi/Kanye) 79 points, 24 comments) What are some -genres- that you think don't get enough attention? 79 points, 129 comments) Let's talk: Darkness" in music (74 points, 17 comments) 758 points, 3 submissions: u/appleparkfive Unpopular opinion perhaps, but this whole Bohemian Rhapsody worship is getting out of hand. And that's a great song. (487 points, 157 comments) Discussion] Is it just me or do the vast majority of indie rock bands end up as 80s revival bands somehow? 173 points, 61 comments) Who do you personally think is the greatest songwriter of all time? Or at least the past century. (98 points, 229 comments) 723 points, 1 submission: u/MrJet05 Can We Talk About What an Amazing Place Hip Hop is in Right Now? 723 points, 175 comments) 698 points, 5 submissions: u/cancer4free You have full control over your music taste (278 points, 100 comments) Most disturbing album covers (128 points, 208 comments) I feel like what people traditionally consider to be music is limiting (108 points, 115 comments) Can experimental music be critiqued at all? 95 points, 37 comments) What made you go from casual, easy listening to actively being interested in music and all it has to offer? 89 points, 116 comments) 697 points, 2 submissions: u/MyFactsAreWrong Radiohead have been hacked, responds by releasing 18 hours of music called "MINIDISCS [HACKED. 488 points, 45 comments) Let's talk interesting stories behind songs. (209 points, 71 comments) 695 points, 6 submissions: u/blinkclyro Biggest fall from grace? Artists who dipped in quality the biggest) 176 points, 416 comments) Music from your adolescence that have only gotten better (147 points, 110 comments) Albums you like from artists that you don't? 136 points, 209 comments) Important songs about mental health? 83 points, 94 comments) Let's Talk: Your Favourite Album Artwork (77 points, 87 comments) On Your Local Live Scene (76 points, 83 comments) 660 points, 5 submissions: u/WoodpeckerNo1 "A classic is something everyone wants to have read and nobody wants to read. — Mark Twain (192 points, 14 comments) Finding music interesting but not enjoyable (131 points, 64 comments) Let's Talk: Listener fatigue (127 points, 27 comments) Let's talk: Album Art (106 points, 37 comments) Do you ever find yourself being really interested in an artist or band, but not enjoy them? 104 points, 132 comments) 617 points, 3 submissions: u/slick-06 "Hounds of Love" frightens me (312 points, 43 comments) Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter" sounds ahead of its time (189 points, 107 comments) Why did The Killers' Hot Fuss" have such mixed reviews? 116 points, 52 comments) 575 points, 5 submissions: u/Willco1993 [list] Music that makes you nostalgic for a time that never was. (176 points, 108 comments) list] Your favourite musical yin yang (117 points, 97 comments) Bands whose junk/periphery work is superior to their mainstream work? 106 points, 164 comments) List] Your favourite throwaway tracks and the stories behind them (103 points, 34 comments) Religion in music: when does/doesn't it work and why? 73 points, 101 comments) 563 points, 3 submissions: u/AwesomeAsian What Grammy's "Album of The Year" should have been according to RateYourMusic (244 points, 108 comments) Pitchfork released their list of "The 200 Best Songs of the 2010s. What do you think of it? 222 points, 306 comments) Let's talk biases of (97 points, 176 comments) 558 points, 4 submissions: u/BornUnderPunches So hip-hop got 'To Pimp a Butterfly. Can rock music gives us an Ok Computer for this decade? Who could be up to it? 261 points, 229 comments) So I just listened to Deceit (1981) by experimental post-punk band This Heat. Holy shit. I want to talk about this. (120 points, 32 comments) Very few albums only have five star songs. Where should weaker tracks be placed for minimum negative impact on the listening experience? 101 points, 74 comments) Let's talk: Tame Impala's new song "Let It Happen" and hints of a new poppy direction (76 points, 99 comments) 540 points, 4 submissions: u/zimplezample What are some interviews with musicians that you think everyone should see? 185 points, 91 comments) Lets Talk: If I start to get the feeling that an entire genre sucks, I immediately try to remember that its far more likely that Im just being close-minded. (178 points, 71 comments) Lets Talk: Albums which have a special/unique tone or production quality. (100 points, 93 comments) Whats the oldest piece of music that you love? 77 points, 76 comments) 519 points, 3 submissions: u/Aiden_Fox Let's Talk: Trip-Hop. How would you define its boundaries? Is it a genre, a style, or something else? Is it still viable? 191 points, 63 comments) What super-obscure artist (say, fewer than 1, 000 monthly Spotify listeners, or no songs with >20, 000 plays) should we all hear at least once? And what makes them so special? 186 points, 145 comments) Let's Talk: Escape Room. the genre-by-algorithm that may or may not exist (142 points, 62 comments) 508 points, 3 submissions: u/Saint_Stephen420 Hot Take: Tina Weymouth is one of the greatest Bass players of all time and is undeservedly overshadowed by David Byrne's eccentricity. (238 points, 56 comments) list] What are some songs that you feel are an artist at their most desperate? 178 points, 96 comments) Would the music of Joy Division be held in high regard if Ian Curtis hadn't killed himself? 92 points, 45 comments) 503 points, 3 submissions: u/Robert_de_Saint_Loup How do bands legally break up? 177 points, 52 comments) I love Queen but I'm disappointed in Roger Taylor and Brian May (169 points, 151 comments) How come Nick Cave never really made it big in the US? 157 points, 78 comments) 467 points, 3 submissions: u/Pineapple_ Jews Why hasn't R. E. M. been embraced by a new generation like so many of the 80s and 90s college/indie bands? 210 points, 180 comments) Why did so many 60s and 70s icons have a terrible run of albums in the 80s before making comebacks in later decades? 164 points, 110 comments) I grew up knowing every Beatles song. Then, in my 20s, I realized I missed one. With now more developed tastes, I could objectively listen to it without all the memories behind it. Has anything similar happened to you? What were your thoughts and did it cause you to reevaluate the artist in any way? 93 points, 67 comments) 467 points, 3 submissions: u/thewalkindude Lets talk bad music vs music not for you. (196 points, 112 comments) Stockholm syndrome for songs. Is it real? 146 points, 57 comments) How did your teen years influence your taste in music? 125 points, 103 comments) 451 points, 3 submissions: u/Rutabegapudding Beethoven, lo-fi" and absence in music recording (218 points, 45 comments) Let's talk: Toto- Africa (playing in an empty shopping centre. 131 points, 42 comments) Let's Talk: SOPHIE and Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides (102 points, 36 comments) 439 points, 3 submissions: u/GenSurgKidA What do you think about the concept of the musical "Goldilocks Zone" the small area of overlap between accessibility and experimentation. 180 points, 100 comments) People who worship Dad Rock (164 points, 318 comments) list] Artists that have crossover appeal with people who dont typically listen to that genre (95 points, 105 comments) 421 points, 1 submission: u/Uptomyknees Hi, I'm Max Landis and I wrote a 150 page essay on the hidden connections in the music of Carly Rae Jepsen. (421 points, 86 comments) 416 points, 1 submission: u/swaghili- Can We Stop Pretending The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is Significant? 416 points, 161 comments) 402 points, 2 submissions: u/newplasticideas_ Let's talk about albums with eerie back stories (302 points, 198 comments) 5-10-15-20-25] The Music that made your name here (100 points, 62 comments) 402 points, 1 submission: u/Kiss-My-Haas Just Because Music Is Complex/Difficult To Play Does Not Make It Good (402 points, 157 comments) 401 points, 2 submissions: u/Lipat97 ALRIGHT GUYS. ITS TIME TO GO FULL MUSIC SNOB. What is your favorite pretentious album, and what about it makes your music tastes superior to everyone elses? 322 points, 166 comments) Lets Talk Bandcamp: Should we be looking for the needles in the haystack? 79 points, 62 comments) 400 points, 4 submissions: u/Grootdrew Mixing two very distinct genres; when has it worked and when has it really, really not worked? 132 points, 298 comments) Getting into Mac Miller for the first time. Swimming is What other records were released shortly before / after an artist died? Did their death effect the impact or perception of that record in any way? 107 points, 68 comments) In 2015, folk artist Frank Turner released “Positive Songs for Negative People”. What other albums could accurately hold this album title? 85 points, 39 comments) What was the first record you ever bought for yourself? How do you think it influenced your lifelong taste in music - or, how has your taste changed over time since that first record? What are some cornerstone records in your development of taste? 76 points, 68 comments) 399 points, 2 submissions: u/MyNameisHobby Lets talk King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard (202 points, 67 comments) Is Rock music getting the Jazz effect? 197 points, 122 comments) 381 points, 1 submission: u/AJcomposer We need to get rid of the false idea that classical music is written by and for upper class people (381 points, 119 comments) 380 points, 1 submission: u/alexdfrtyuy Why some people are so snobby and like to think everything that is popular sucks? Brian Eno has the answer and I couldn't agree with him more. (380 points, 254 comments) 379 points, 3 submissions: u/SylviaNorth Do you guys have any musicians that you really admire for their instrumental ability, but their songwriting just never seems to do it for you? I also wanted to talk about the occurrence of overintellectualizing music and what that means to you, if anything at all. (165 points, 220 comments) What is the current or recently passed underground/alternative genre of music that will influence the sound of popular music in the coming years? I'd also like to generally discuss and give my thoughts on this phenomenon and how it's occurred over the past decade or so of music. (140 points, 122 comments) Are you guys concerned with and, or saddened by the continued decrease in the appeal of learning an instrument by younger kids? 74 points, 106 comments) 371 points, 2 submissions: u/BalonyDanza Are punk and metal diametrically opposed to one another? 230 points, 103 comments) It feels like Australia is carrying the torch for great, stripped down indie rock. (141 points, 45 comments) 369 points, 1 submission: u/Squilbop Daniel Johnston mourning thread (369 points, 56 comments) 368 points, 1 submission: u/Fawxhox Could Trump Presidency Spell Resurgence for Punk Music? 368 points, 211 comments) 362 points, 2 submissions: u/DouggieMohamJones A quick response to thoughty2's "Why Is Modern Pop Music So Terrible. 270 points, 83 comments) Most experimental music released on a major label after 1975? 92 points, 114 comments) 360 points, 1 submission: u/ZealousHobbit Your Favorite Band Sucks, or, the dying breath of the Gen-X authenticity ethos (360 points, 202 comments) 356 points, 1 submission: u/totezhi64 "What kind of music do you listen to. 356 points, 165 comments) 354 points, 3 submissions: u/TyrannosaurusHives Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral at 25 (149 points, 36 comments) Let's Talk: The Demise of Weezer (113 points, 61 comments) NIN just announced their summer tour, and they're only offering tickets physically at the box office next Saturday. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? 92 points, 35 comments) 348 points, 3 submissions: u/pbaylis Let's Talk: Lorde's Pure Heroine 5 years later (148 points, 46 comments) Let's Talk: Kanye Wests Yeezus (111 points, 112 comments) Let's Talk: Kanye West's album "updates" 89 points, 119 comments) 333 points, 3 submissions: u/Rooster_Ties Let's Talk re: artists who seemed to 'evolve' the most during their careers, i. e. Miles Davis, David Bowie, probably Radiohead. who seemed restless, or looking for new things, new sounds, etc. 155 points, 175 comments) Let's Talk: about the surprisingly substantive "What bothers you in music. thread on r/AskReddit today (almost 22K replies as of now. 91 points, 60 comments) Why hasn't there ever been any sort of USA-based multi-artist live-music show like "Later. with Jools Holland" Seems like a no-brainer that there ought to be (probably on PBS, though. 87 points, 25 comments) 332 points, 2 submissions: u/Xenotoz What are some of your favourite stories behind the recording of an album? 200 points, 135 comments) Can Billy Ray Cyrus bring "Old Town Road" back to the top? 132 points, 30 comments) 331 points, 2 submissions: u/bad_luck_charm Analyzing 3 of the greatest bars in rap music. (221 points, 27 comments) What have you tried to get into but failed? 110 points, 317 comments) 330 points, 2 submissions: u/Haggishands Let's Talk about what it takes to enjoy Trout Mask Replica (191 points, 97 comments) Post-rock and the limits of genre definition (139 points, 108 comments) 327 points, 2 submissions: u/Clover_North Let's Talk about Childish Gambino's new song, This is America' 166 points, 38 comments) What albums have helped you think about yourself differently? 161 points, 58 comments) 322 points, 3 submissions: u/iamquiteeccentric Brazil is an underrated country in modern music canon. (140 points, 115 comments) What is an album you want to like more than you actually do? 95 points, 286 comments) Have you ever been overwhelmed by an album or song? 87 points, 99 comments) 322 points, 2 submissions: u/classypedobear Let's talk Arcade Fire, Reflektor" 237 points, 290 comments) Let's talk Pitchfork's top 50 albums of the year list (85 points, 196 comments) 320 points, 3 submissions: u/automator3000 What's an album you LOVE far and above more than others by an artist/band, and what sets it apart? 168 points, 209 comments) Neil Young's Lonely Quest to Save Music: is he brilliant or nuts? 80 points, 74 comments) US Library of Congress; new additions to the National Recording Registry (72 points, 37 comments) 320 points, 2 submissions: u/Symbali Univeral Music Group (UMG) in big, big trouble over losing massive archive of master recordings. (238 points, 31 comments) Artists/bands you resent or applaud for losing/replacing its members or personnel. (82 points, 204 comments) u/wildistherewind (18511 points, 2441 comments) u/Zhanteimi (7830 points, 1031 comments) u/CentreToWave (3857 points, 621 comments) u/JesusWasWayCool (3458 points, 474 comments) u/coffeezombie (3152 points, 29 comments) u/noff01 (3001 points, 789 comments) u/Bone_Dogg (2466 points, 127 comments) u/automator3000 (2418 points, 311 comments) u/Aiden_Fox (2253 points, 184 comments) u/Bokb3o (2213 points, 268 comments) u/FreeLook93 (2169 points, 199 comments) u/Lipat97 (2064 points, 333 comments) u/Volbet (1822 points, 75 comments) u/EdEmKay (1695 points, 149 comments) u/UhhUmmmWowOkayJeezUh (1630 points, 109 comments) u/catfishdeity (1513 points, 286 comments) u/wiinkme (1394 points, 143 comments) u/aleatoric (1332 points, 110 comments) u/help1155 (1298 points, 126 comments) u/limedilatation (1297 points, 64 comments) u/arthur_figgis (1248 points, 80 comments) u/FuttBucker27 (1238 points, 216 comments) u/GimmeShockTreatment (1217 points, 108 comments) u/mchugho (1189 points, 337 comments) u/ButtCrackFTW (1179 points, 90 comments) u/bhakan (1169 points, 81 comments) u/mdgraller (1162 points, 164 comments) u/bloodyell76 (1161 points, 119 comments) u/Cptnwalrus (1152 points, 120 comments) u/Khiva (1146 points, 93 comments) u/creatinsanivity (1143 points, 169 comments) u/sickhippie (1129 points, 109 comments) u/fungoid_sorceror (1083 points, 125 comments) u/neverthoughtidjoin (1075 points, 198 comments) u/zmetz (1069 points, 142 comments) u/OdaibaBay (1067 points, 116 comments) u/19dja_03 (1060 points, 149 comments) u/The_Kenosha_Kid (1049 points, 42 comments) u/wesanity (1016 points, 80 comments) u/Sporkitized (1015 points, 75 comments) u/EricandtheLegion (1004 points, 208 comments) u/dabigpersian (1000 points, 157 comments) u/Cilicia (1000 points, 121 comments) u/sgrwck (996 points, 96 comments) u/Chickenwomp (989 points, 189 comments) u/Teresa_Count (971 points, 49 comments) u/Andjhostet (970 points, 110 comments) u/willmaster123 (958 points, 71 comments) u/lifeinaglasshouse (949 points, 32 comments) u/iacs12 (944 points, 28 comments) u/areyoustillintoit (898 points, 28 comments) u/Willco1993 (869 points, 44 comments) u/sunmachinecomingdown (850 points, 165 comments) u/BookerDeWittsCarbine (834 points, 100 comments) u/haus_der_luege (833 points, 132 comments) u/zonker (821 points, 105 comments) u/Xenotoz (799 points, 68 comments) u/animal_crackers (796 points, 109 comments) u/desantoos (783 points, 103 comments) u/theoptionexplicit (770 points, 40 comments) u/Bahamabanana (754 points, 64 comments) u/powercorruption (744 points, 78 comments) u/Dorian_Ye (740 points, 40 comments) u/MexicansInParis (737 points, 57 comments) u/mrawesomesword (736 points, 56 comments) u/TerdVader (735 points, 50 comments) u/TheAstralDisaster (734 points, 154 comments) u/Ulti (731 points, 140 comments) u/MOONGOONER (731 points, 76 comments) u/jon_naz (724 points, 67 comments) u/standard_error (723 points, 50 comments) u/annooonnnn (719 points, 74 comments) u/MyFactsAreWrong (718 points, 82 comments) u/mqr53 (713 points, 73 comments) u/MAG7C (710 points, 93 comments) u/DrinkyDrank (701 points, 51 comments) u/earthsworld (700 points, 81 comments) u/zimplezample (695 points, 92 comments) u/amayain (682 points, 48 comments) u/heyitsxio (679 points, 76 comments) u/MongoAbides (676 points, 132 comments) u/Zog8 (673 points, 20 comments) u/kimboslice11 (662 points, 96 comments) u/Bigfrostynugs (657 points, 120 comments) u/samehada121 (656 points, 59 comments) u/blue_strat (654 points, 35 comments) u/THANAT0PS1S (628 points, 64 comments) u/passwordgoeshere (615 points, 85 comments) u/frightenedbabiespoo (615 points, 84 comments) u/ z3r0. 615 points, 77 comments) u/Rothko28 (615 points, 52 comments) u/debtRiot (614 points, 100 comments) u/shabazz123 (613 points, 30 comments) u/masterpernath (608 points, 27 comments) u/Zer0_Karma (605 points, 9 comments) u/RogueJello (604 points, 85 comments) u/Tehnoxas (604 points, 36 comments) u/SometimesYourTheNeil (602 points, 71 comments) u/ElectricToothpaste (598 points, 40 comments) u/Royskatt (594 points, 68 comments) Let's Talk: Songs that are good introductions to different styles of music by /u/coffeezombie (1672 points, 670 comments) Can We Talk About What an Amazing Place Hip Hop is in Right Now? by /u/MrJet05 (723 points, 175 comments) Parliament-Funkadelic is one of the greatest rock and roll groups of all time but the 70s racial divide in both music and music criticism robbed them of their just acclaim. by /u/nowlan101 (513 points, 185 comments) Radiohead have been hacked, responds by releasing 18 hours of music called "MINIDISCS [HACKED. by /u/MyFactsAreWrong (488 points, 45 comments) Unpopular opinion perhaps, but this whole Bohemian Rhapsody worship is getting out of hand. by /u/appleparkfive (487 points, 157 comments) Hi, I'm Max Landis and I wrote a 150 page essay on the hidden connections in the music of Carly Rae Jepsen. by /u/Uptomyknees (421 points, 86 comments) Can We Stop Pretending The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is Significant? by /u/swaghili. 416 points, 161 comments) Just Because Music Is Complex/Difficult To Play Does Not Make It Good by /u/Kiss-My-Haas (402 points, 157 comments) We need to get rid of the false idea that classical music is written by and for upper class people by /u/AJcomposer (381 points, 119 comments) Why some people are so snobby and like to think everything that is popular sucks? Brian Eno has the answer and I couldn't agree with him more. by /u/alexdfrtyuy (380 points, 254 comments) 2845 points: u/coffeezombie 's comment in Let's Talk: Songs that are good introductions to different styles of music 1548 points: deleted 's comment in Let's talk Arcade Fire, Reflektor" 850 points: deleted 's comment in In Defense Of "Call Me Maybe" As the Song of Summer 2012 [Pop Matters. Your question - is this pop song any different than other recent chart-toppers? 581 points: u/TravellingJourneyman 's comment in Let's Talk: Songs that are good introductions to different styles of music 540 points: deleted 's comment in Why do you think Bob Marley initially failed to gain traction with black Americans. 383 points: u/Cptnwalrus 's comment in Is Music discovery dying? 372 points: deleted 's comment in What Exactly about "The Velvet Underground and Nico" was Especially Groundbreaking? 350 points: u/Lipat97 's comment in Lets Talk: Greta Van Fleet's 1. 6 review on Pitchfork 333 points: u/lifeinaglasshouse 's comment in Pitchfork released their list of "The 200 Best Songs of the 2010s. What do you think of it? 313 points: deleted 's comment in What albums have the craziest back-stories.

MTV 20: Live & Almost Legal Free watching. The best presentation at the conceptual level that I see in a long time. YOU CANT SAY BLOOD. No more awkward moves and definitely more comfortable in stage,yey! ❤❤❤. MTV 20: Live & Almost Legal Free watch dogs. Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives. PREVIOUS YEARS ARCHIVE: 1991. • 1992 • 1993 • 1994 • 1995 1-2-1996 1-6-1996 1-15-1996 1-22-1996 1-29-1996 2-5-1996 2-12-1996 2-19-1996 2-26-1996 3-4-1996 3-11-1996 3-18-1996 3-25-1996 4-2-1996 4-8-1996 4-15-1996 4-22-1996 4-29-1996 5-6-1996 5-13-1996 5-20-1996 5-27-1996 6-3-1996 6-10-1996 6-17-1996 6-24-1996 7-1-1996 7-8-1996 7-15-1996 7-22-1996 7-29-1996 8-5-1996 8-14-1996 8-19-1996 8-26-1996 9-2-1996 9-9-1996 9-16-1996 9-23-1996 9-30-1996 10-7-1996 10-14-1996 10-21-1996 10-28-1996 11-4-1996 I figure I might as well deliver the news now. When 1996 finishes up, I'm going to have to take another 2-week break (instead of the usual 1 week) before starting 1997. I'm still not as far ahead as I'd like to be and if I'm going to keep these posts going on a Mon-Fri. schedule, I have to take an extra week or so to try and catch up on writing them all. So far, I've only got about half of 1997 done and I'd like to have the entire year written up before I start posting them. But these things are time consuming to write. So for right now, 1996 will end on July 24th and I'll probably start doing the 1997 posts on Aug. 7th. So just a heads up. In what will either be remembered as a groundbreaking storyline or an act of total desperation, WWF ran an angle where Steve Austin broke into Brian Pillman's house and Pillman held him off with a gun. Dave says it was based on a scene from the movie Cape Fear (I mean, maybe. Even though the matches that aired during the show were taped weeks ago, the angle was filmed live to keep it from leaking out. Dave recaps the angle (it was filmed at Brian Pillman's actual house and the 2 "friends" that Austin beat up outside the house were actually students from a local wrestling school. The angle ended with Pillman cursing on the air, which wasn't edited out of the later west coast feed, so Dave thinks USA must have given WWF approval to air it (USA Network is struggling across the board in ratings too on all their shows and they're probably even more desperate than WWF to do something for shock value to pop a rating. WATCH: Pillman's Got A Gun Of course there are questions about whether it went too far or was offensive. It's the talk of the business right now, which can be a good sign, but if it doesn't translate to ratings or money, then it doesn't matter. Dave worries about both companies running hotshot angles that don't plan long term and he also doesn't like that what goes on in the ring has become secondary to everything happening outside of the ring (he mentions a recent Nitro where Chris Benoit was working his ass off and having a great match but the live crowd had their backs to the ring, looking at the NWO guys walking around in the crowd. As for this angle, Dave didn't personally find it offensive and said it's no different than any other violent TV show. Since Raw is 1 hour and Nitro is 2 hours, WCW is planning to capitalize on it by splitting Nitro into two shows. The first hour will be NWO Nitro and will be the NWO's show, while the 2nd hour will be WCW's show. No word on when this will go into effect but it's the current plan (never happened. Dave addresses some issues that have come up from the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame he created back in August. The initial 126 names that were inducted mostly represent the 50s, 60s, and 70s and Dave makes an interesting comment here: For example, with the dozens of letters we received about various people who were neglected, nearly all from the 50s through 70s, we didn't receive even one letter about Sting, who is a better worker than some on the list, and during his day was a bigger star than many, perhaps most, who made the list. Kids who are growing up now and become interested in wrestling history in 20 years would put guys like Sting and Undertaker on a list without question, and maybe even Lex Luger, but those of us watching them now probably dismiss them because they are current and because we're all aware of their shortcomings and know they aren't Ric Flair or Bret Hart. Anyway, of all the letters Dave got about people who should have been inducted from the start, the name most people asked about was The Fabulous Moolah. Dave explains why she didn't make the cut initially: yes, she's been around forever but she was never a great wrestler, never was a headliner or big draw (Mildred Burke was 10x bigger, he says) and even though she held the women's title for years, the belt was pretty much meaningless for most of it. Really, the only argument you can make in favor of Moolah is historical importance, and Dave says if you wrote about the history of professional wrestling, you could probably leave Moolah out and it wouldn't make a difference. TL;DR - Moolah just ain't that big a deal, sorry. Dave gives 5 stars to a Michinoku Pro match featuring Dick Togo & Mens Teoh & Shiryu & Taka Michinoku & Shoichi Funaki vs. Gran Naniwa & Gran Hamada & Super Delfin & Tiger Mask & Masato Yakushiji. Dave also notes that, barring injury, Taka Michinoku will probably become one of the all-time great workers of the next generation. WATCH: Dick Togo, Mens Teoh, Shiryu, Taka Michinoku & Shoichi Funaki vs. Gran Naniwa, Gran Hamada, Super Delfin, Tiger Mask & Masato Yakushiji (highlights only) AAA president Antonio Pena appeared on several TV shows and even held a press conference to respond to last week's story of many of AAA's hot stars jumping ship to Promo Azteca. During his appearances, Pena talked about all of Konnan's past legal troubles, all his arrests, lawsuits, and that he had been deported twice, among other things. Konnan responded, basically saying he's the one who kept AAA afloat and he's the one who put together the WCW deal and that Pena used Konnan to do his dirty work (had Konnan fire people that Pena didn't want and things like that) and that Pena stole money. He also claimed Pena was an alcoholic and drug addict and that Pena is gay and gave pushes to wrestlers in exchange for sexual favors. He also claimed Pena had sent people to beat him up and told a story about Psicosis allegedly being driven out to the middle of nowhere by one of Antonio Pena's people and, fearing the worst, Psicosis punched out the driver and managed to run away to find safety. Konnan said that if anything happened to him or any of his wrestlers, there would be retribution against Pena. Finally, Konnan took the AAA heavyweight title belt (which I guess he had for whatever reason) and threw it in a garbage can. Shit's getting serious. At a recent ECW show, the fans chanted "You sold out. at Too Cold Scorpio (who is headed to WWF) and Scorpio responded, telling the fans if they got offered 200, 000 a year, they'd take the job too. At the same ECW show, Stevie Richards got hit in the neck with Sandman's cane and collapsed. It was apparently a stinger and Richards was paralyzed for awhile and taken away in an ambulance. For about half an hour, he could only move his fingers, but by the next day, he was up and walking around fine. Shane Douglas has also recently complained about the use of the canes, as he collapsed last week after getting hit in the neck with one also. Douglas reportedly refuses to work with Sandman if the cane is involved anymore. Also on the same show, Francine got hit with a chair thrown by a fan, but she was fine. Kurt Angle was "almost clueless" on commentary during the Taz match he sat in on. They tried to play it as if WWF and WCW both wanted Angle but he chose ECW instead, although that's not at all the case. In fact, Angle was furious about the Raven crucifixion angle because he does so much work in the community and has an image to uphold and felt it would reflect negatively on him to appear on the show with something like that, which is the reason Raven was forced to apologize afterwards. More medical problems for Superstar Billy Graham. While still hospitalized following his second hip surgery in less than 2 month, he suffered a collapsed lung and a chemical burn of his lungs and will require a lengthy recovery (all the medical problems this guy has had, how is he still alive today in 2017. Jeff Jarrett injured his ankle during a match with John Tenta but it's not being acknowledged because WCW already has enough real and worked injuries going on. So he'll still be on TV cutting promos and whatnot but won't wrestle for a few weeks. WCW brought out a Japanese women's wrestler on Nitro using the name Zero and being managed by Sonny Onno. Dave says "Zero" is the name of the planes the Japanese used in WWII and says it would be like if Hulk Hogan went to wrestle in Hiroshima and used the name H-Bomb. They're planning to do an NWO PPV in January. Dave doesn't know how they'll manage to pull off a 3-hour show of just NWO guys (they didn't. It was basically an NWO vs. WCW show. No updates on the Randy Savage contract situation. He's going to continue to work house shows until his contract expires but isn't booked for any more TV until a new deal is reached. Savage wants to only work 100 dates per year and also wants a big raise. Ric Flair finally had shoulder surgery this week and may be out of action longer than previously expected. The current plan when he's ready to return is for Hall and Nash to attack his 19-year-old son David, which would lead to a match with the Horsemen vs. the NWO, although Dave has heard that this angle might be dropped now that word has leaked out, which Dave says is stupid, but WCW seems more interested in surprising people than they are with running angles that make sense and make money. Hulk Hogan will be making the media rounds this week to promote his movie Santa With Muscles. WATCH: Santa With Muscles (full movie) One of the reasons they're doing the current angle with Sting not wrestling or appearing on many shows is because his contract called for a maximum number of dates per year and WCW only had a few dates left that he's required to work. So WCW is trying to use him as sparingly as possible. WCW's Halloween Havoc buyrate is reportedly higher than last year's and some are even saying it did double the buyrate of WWF's last PPV, but Dave hasn't been able to verify that yet (not quite, but close. Mark Henry was scheduled to work Survivor Series, but suffered a broken leg in training (he ended up not wrestling for over a year before returning in late 97. Jake Roberts will end up filling Henry's spot. "I'm not sure that the 2. 5 million invested in Mark Henry will go down in history as one of Vince McMahon's best money investments. Dave says. Dave takes a lot of seemingly random shots at Mark Henry during this time. Sunny was on the MTV show Singled Out this week. WATCH: Sunny on MTV's Singled Out The fake Razor and fake Diesel gimmicks are death, and the guy who plays Razor is especially bad. George "The Animal" Steele appears in a new FILA commercial with Grant Hill. WATCH: George Steele & Grant Hill FILA commercial "Has anyone ever seen the move called a "Japanese arm drag" done by a Japanese wrestler. Dave asks. 's it. Umm, okay? Nope, never seen it Dave. Reportedly, the reason Brian Pillman's ankle didn't heal correctly the first time is because he never stayed off of it. He was travelling all over the country, did the ECW show, etc. So they had to redo the surgery and this time he's going to have to completely stay off it for several months. TOMORROW: Curt Hennig jumping to WCW, more fallout from the Brian Pillman gun angle, WWF ends their drug testing policy, and more...

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Its nice to see that pioneers like Run DMC spend tribute to Biggie and 2Pac. Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives. The Delaware Supreme Court ruled against the USA Network in their appeal to prevent WWF from accepting the Viacom deal. The decision makes it official that WWF is moving to TNN next week and ends the 17-year WWF/USA relationship. The appeal process has been lingering for over a month and because of it, USA, Viacom, WWF and ECW were all pretty much paralyzed and waiting to see how things turn out. But now that it's all finalized, ECW's final TNN show will air on 9/22 and the first Raw on TNN will air on 9/25. It doesn't give Viacom much of an opportunity to promote the move. They had set aside 7 million to promote Raw's TNN debut but because of the lingering court proceedings, they kept having to delay it and now there's almost no time. On Raw's final show on USA, Jim Ross mentioned repeatedly that this was the last episode on the network and plugged the move to TNN (and hyping that Austin will be there live. But that's pretty much it so far. During the next few days, you can expect Viacom to bombard all media outlets with as much promotion as they can cram into the short amount of time, but it's going to be impossible to promote it as much as they'd hoped to. And considering they're moving from the #1 rated network to the #15 rated network, they need all the promotion they can get. Needless to say, this all gives WCW a golden opportunity to put their best foot forward for Nitro on 9/25 and hopefully gain some much-needed ground (in case you're want spoilers for next week, Russo uses this opportunity to make himself the WCW champion. In the short run, Raw's ratings will almost certainly fall, but in the long-run, being with Viacom is going to be hugely beneficial to WWF. As for ECW, this opens the door for them to continue negotiations with USA. They desperately need a TV deal, on a strong network, and most importantly, they need outside financial support if they are going to survive. Having a TV deal is useless if you can't afford the production costs. As mentioned last week, ECW missed payroll and has had to cancel several house shows due to the financial crunch they're under. Also this week, TNN announced that it's renaming itself The National Network (instead of The Nashville Network) and will be moving its base of operations from Nashville to New York. They're planning to debut a new logo and target their programming to a more diverse audience. Dave recaps the history of WWF on the USA Network, dating back to 1982 when they aired monthly WWF MSG shows. Then WWF got a weekly show called All-American Wrestling on the network in 1983, which then became Prime Time Wrestling and Tuesday Night Titans, the creation of Raw in 1993, the Monday night wars, and now to this. There was a frightening moment at WCW's Fall Brawl PPV with Paul Orndorff suffering a stinger that left him motionless in the ring. The good news is that it was only temporary paralysis. He was treated and released from the hospital that same night. It was reminiscent of the injuries suffered by Droz and Buff Bagwell in recent years, but fortunately for Orndorff, it didn't end up being as bad. There was immediate suspicion that the whole thing was a work, which Dave thinks is a pretty sad reflection of WCW these days. When Orndorff went down, everyone else in the match basically panicked and continued working the match on the other side of the ring, taking bumps that kept jarring the ring, all while the EMTs and trainer were trying to tend to Orndorff. Finally, almost 2 minutes after he collapsed, referee Charles Robinson finally took charge and ordered the match stopped. The match was scheduled to go several more minutes and run-ins were scheduled, but it all got scrapped when Robinson ended it. The injury happened when Orndorff tried to piledrive Mark Jindrak but Jindrak didn't go up correctly for the move. Orndorff had to deadweight lift him and when he did so, his hamstring went out. He completed the piledriver but landed awkwardly, causing something with his neck and spine to jam up and that was it. Dave talks about Orndorff's health problems over the year, specifically his arm injury that caused his right arm to atrophy severely and never recover. He retired twice before due to health issues (87 and 94) only to return both times when he probably shouldn't have. (This was his final match for 17 years. But it looks like he came out of retirement last year and worked a 6-man tag match at an indie show in Canada. But otherwise, this Fall Brawl match was the end of the road for Orndorff. This whole thing brings up questions about Nitro this week, which has a match scheduled between Booker T and Vince Russo. Just a few weeks ago, Russo suffered a concussion during an angle and has been dealing with headaches and such ever since, and it's probably not a good idea for him to be in the ring. They could probably work around it, but Dave thinks it's bad enough to have untrained people in there doing moves anyway, much less ones who are already injured. Dave notes the recent example of Kurt Angle wrestling on Smackdown 2 days after getting severely concussed at Summerslam, which he never should have done and led to him getting another concussion because you're always more susceptible to further concussions during the period after suffering one. Russo has openly claimed to have had 3 concussions in the last year and has only worked about 6 matches. If that's true, he probably shouldn't be in there taking bumps again. But maybe they'll book something safe that doesn't require it. Either way, Dave is just concerned about the overall safety of all these guys. Oh yeah, other notes from Fall Brawl: crowd was 8, 600 although only about half of that (4, 311) was paid, the rest were freebies. Dave notes all the excitement people in WCW had last week when the Nitro rating was higher than usual, and points out how it obviously didn't mean dick when it comes to ticket sales. TV ratings are nice but it's a vanity metric. The real numbers that matter are the ones that make money. Ticket sales and PPV buys. And, well, those are still horrible. There was a guy in the crowd facing the hard cam who was seen constantly throughout the show wearing a Destroyer mask. Destroyer was a famous wrestler back in 60s and 70s who wore a red and white mask. out that was the real Destroyer (real name Dick Beyer) just sitting in the crowd at a WCW PPV at 70 years old, still doing his old gimmick. Kevin Nash cut a promo earlier on the pre-show claiming he was hungover from hanging out at the bar last night and essentially telegraphing that he was going to lose his match (he did. Right after the Orndorff match, Shane Douglas cut a pre-match promo saying Kidman would be joining Paul Orndorff at the hospital. Even his partner Torrie Wilson seemed to drop her TV smile and give him a "what an asshole" look for that one. The scaffold for the scaffold match was way wider than any other ones before and the area underneath was padded and safe, but Torrie still seemed legitimately terrified up there. After Madusa took a bump off the scaffold (which the crowd booed because it was clearly gimmicked for safety) the announcers also tried to compare her injuries to Orndorff's injury earlier in the night. Dave is just disgusted. Torrie never took a bump off the scaffold, which was the original plan but she refused, and good for her Dave says. It would have meant nothing for the match anyway. Negative 1 star. They did a segment with David Flair beating up a mailman in his yard and Dave says the whole segment was actually hilarious and more interestingly, it was all David Flair's idea. ICP did commentary on Vampiro's match again, which once again was funny. Mike Awesome came out with former child actor Gary Coleman. There's been a lot of news stories lately about Coleman working as a security guard for 6 an hour these days, so at least WCW probably didn't have to spend a lot to get him. Naturally, he got involved in the match and it was hilarious because he knew he was going to take a guitar shot from Jarrett. So he had a hat on with a towel folded up in it to cushion the blow. But during the chaos, his hat got knocked off. So just before the guitar shot, he picked up his hat, calmly put the towel back in, put it back on, and took the hit. Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner was a shockingly good match and Dave gives it 4. 25 stars. And of course, Booker T won the title from Nash in the main event. We get the usual long obituary for Professor Toru Tanaka, one of the biggest heels of the 60s and 70s, who died at age 70 in California. Dave recaps his career and of course, he was a Hawaiian who got booked as a typical salt throwing Japanese heel. Worked for WWWF feuding with Sammartino, won titles in all the territories, etc. He also tells an interesting story from 1977 when Pat Patterson returned to the San Francisco territory after being gone for 8 months and was supposed to face Mr. Fuji in a show that ended up drawing 12, 000 people. But Fuji had a falling out with promoter Roy Shire and left the territory 2 weeks before the match. So Shire brought in Tanaka and put him under a mask and tried to pass him off as the real Fuji. The crowd didn't buy it and the media got ahold of the story and started claiming fraud and the athletic commission got involved. Shire nearly lost his promoter's license but he claimed he didn't know and thought it was the real Fuji under the mask. Tanaka and Shire were both fined but the commission seemed to buy the story (others backed it up to protect Shire) and let them off with just the fine. The real Fuji caught all the heat and was legitimately banned by the commission for life from wrestling in California, but that was overturned in 1984. The current plan for AJPW's Triple Crown title is to hold a tournament soon, which is expected to be won by Toshiaki Kawada, who will then defend the title against NJPW champion Sasaki in a title vs. title match at the Jan. 4th Tokyo Dome show. And the plan from there is for Kawada to get the surprising win, since most people don't expect NJPW to book their champion to lose to AJPW's champion. But the way Riki Choshu (NJPW booker) sees it, AJPW is pretty much doomed and he's not too concerned about them as competition anymore, and he's well aware that this inter-promotional feud is the only thing keeping AJPW alive right now. But there's still money in an AJPW/NJPW feud and they want to prolong it, so Kawada will have to win. The idea is to keep Kawada strong because NJPW loves the gimmick of a strongly booked outsider coming in and shaking things up. In the past, that person has been Naoya Ogawa but Choshu is tired of the headache that comes with dealing with Antonio Inoki and Ogawa because Inoki is intent on making Ogawa an unbeatable superman and NJPW can never get him to put anyone over. Choshu is pretty much trying to do anything he can to get Inoki's influence as far away from the company as possible. So the idea is to keep Kawada strong and milk this angle for all it's worth. New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman officially signed into law the bill to regulate so-called "extreme wrestling. The bill bans children under 18 from attending extreme wrestling shows. It also adds an athletic commission tax to promotions running extreme shows, mandates an ambulance and 2 doctors must be on hand at every event, and even though it's a state law, the city officials where the show is to be held must specifically give permission for the event. This bill doesn't affect ECW, which was categorized as one of the 3 major companies which are exempt from the law. The bill is a not-so-subtle effort to drive Jersey All Pro Wrestling and Combat Zone Wrestling specifically out of the state, JAPW in particular. They're planning to still run shows but will be forced to get rid of bladejobs, no more light tubes or thumb tacks or barbed wire, etc. JAPW owner Frank Iadeavia has said they are considering legal action. But at this point, if they want to continue to run shows as they have, they're going to be forced to leave the state of New Jersey to do so. Raw did well in the ratings again, facing stiff competition from the Olympics and Monday Night Football. But they had one segment that was a major bomb. Mick Foley came out, cutting a promo once again trying to get George W. Bush and Al Gore to appear on Smackdown for a debate. The segment was right before the main event and caused a full 700, 000 homes to change the channel, which is an unheard of drop for a Raw episode. That led to the Rock/Undertaker main event that followed to be the lowest rated Raw main event of the year. The Wrestling Observer Hotline has been officially killed off. 1-900 hotline numbers have been dying anyway and the numbers were down and Dave says more importantly, he needed to stop because he's so busy with the newsletter and the Eyada online radio show and wants to concentrate fully on those and the daily hotline stuff took up too much time. Motoko Baba threatened a lawsuit against Nippon TV over their decision to drop AJPW and start airing NOAH instead, and due to the lawsuit, NOAH currently isn't airing on NTV, which is a major blow for the fledgling new company. In the meantime, Misawa has started negotiations with TV Tokyo, which is another one of the major networks in Japan. Former WWF and ECW wrestler Nicole Bass made headlines after being arrested in New York after getting into an argument with someone on a street corner. It turned into a fight and when the police tried to break it up, she allegedly bit one of the cops. Bass was one of several people arrested. Notes from OVW: Jim Ross did announcing on some of the shows there this week, because he was down there scouting talent. Shelton Benjamin is showing a lot of promise and Jim Cornette says Benjamin is progressing even faster than Kurt Angle and believes he's guaranteed to be a big star. Brock Lesnar still hasn't debuted on TV there yet but Bob Orton's son Randy Orton recently did. They're also strongly pushing Leviathan (real name Dave Bautista) and Jim Cornette predicts he will headline Wrestlemania within the next 5 years. (yup, exactly 5 years later in fact) Ed Farhat, better known as The Sheik, is said to be in very grave condition. He's down to 150 pounds and can only communicate through blinking his eyes or lightly squeezing if you hold his hand (he ended up living another 2+ years after this. His Wikipedia page says he was working with a biographer and did extensive interviews before he died, with plans to have a book on his life released. But it says the interviews "provided a highly explosive look" into the business and as a result, the interviews and draft of the book were sealed at the time of his death and to this day it's never been released. Interesting. When I originally wrote this up a few months ago, I tweeted Dave about this and he responded saying he didn't know anything about it either. I'd love to find out more. The latest revival of Stampede Wrestling is in bad shape. They have no more shows scheduled and have only done 10 shows in the last few months. Their TV show has been airing old tapes rather than new episodes lately. Ken Shamrock broke his silence on his recent PRIDE loss to Kazuyuki Fujita. Shamrock pretty much blamed himself and admitted he wasn't in proper shape to fight and said things happened which contributed to him not having time to train properly (he doesn't go into detail but I think Dave mentioned something in an earlier Observer but I can't find it right now. But I think Shamrock was going through some personal shit around this time. Something like a divorce or a custody battle or something. That doesn't get mentioned here, it's just something I vaguely remember reading awhile back, I might be wrong. Nobuhiko Takada has announced he's going to face Igor Vovchanchyn at next month's PRIDE show and that if he doesn't win, he'll retire. Takada had a reputation as a shoot fighter from his years as the founder and star of UWFi, which was a worked shoot promotion. But then he started doing real shoots and it's been bad news ever since, including 2 high profile losses to Rickson Gracie. He's had a couple of wins, but they were worked matches. His real MMA fights have all been losses and Dave says the real fighters in PRIDE have pretty much no respect for Takada as an actual fighter. He doesn't like Takada's chances next month (indeed, Takada gets punched into submission in the 2nd round. But he still didn't retire. Notes from Nitro: the building was mostly full, with not that many freebies. But only because it was a small arena that only holds about 5, 000 people. It was also in Canada and the crowd was pretty much only there to see Lance Storm (who ended up jobbing to Jim Duggan in an undercard match) and Bret Hart (who wasn't there at all. They hated Goldberg with a passion, probably due to the Hart stuff, and booed him mercilessly. On his personal website, Mark Madden apologized to Lou Thesz for his comment on Nitro last week where he joked that Lou Thesz beats up women. Madden said he was only joking and that he has a ton of respect for Thesz. Pamela Paulshock apparently injured her ankle doing an angle on Thunder last week. Dave thinks it's bad enough when they have untrained wrestlers in there getting hurt, but now untrained ring announcers are getting hurt too. WCW is pitching an angle for Vampiro to team with singer Billy Idol in a feud against Mike Awesome and David Cassidy, of Partridge Family fame (Never happened That was a thing evidently. Dave only has a couple of thoughts on this week's Thunder: he begs someone in WCW to PLEASE send Major Gunns to get acting lessons. He also wants someone to save Mike Awesome from a gimmick worse than the Red Rooster. And finally, I guess there's been a lot of commercials for the new Meet The Parents movie and Dave thinks it looks funny. Various WCW notes: DDP is likely being brought back soon, though Kimberly won't be. Nitro Girl Spice was released. She was being groomed to co-host WCW's Saturday morning show, but then the show got canned and they didn't have anything else for her. And after being world champion for a couple of months, WCW has finally decided to start making some Booker T merch. Seems like a good idea to finally get around to. The Harris Twins taped segments for both the Maury Povich and Jenny Jones shows, no word on what they are or when they'll air. Goldberg will be on an episode of The Daily Show this week. Gene Okerlund is expected to be given a grumpy old man gimmick where he swears a lot. Next month might be a surprisingly good month for WCW ticket wise. They have shows in Australia that are expected to do big numbers because Australia is so starved for wrestling that even WCW can do big business there. And they have a PPV in Las Vegas which will do good because the casinos are buying up a lot of tickets to give away. Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner are reportedly being total team players right now, because there's concern that a regime change could come at any time (a lot of people are pushing for Johnny Ace to replace Vince Russo) and they're basically being on their best behavior until they see who their next new boss might be. The only person right now who's really stirring up shit is Goldberg, who is said to be openly pissed about pretty much everything and isn't shy about expressing it (yeah, even Goldberg has since admitted that he was frustrated and probably wasn't very pleasant to be around back then. Scott Hall is expected to return to Nitro next week. Brad Siegel reportedly gave up on fighting with Nash about it and is willing to bring Hall back. Siegel and Hall spoke last week and Hall was basically told this is his last chance and if he fucks up one time, he's gone for good. Of course, Scott Steiner has been told that a dozen times in the past, so you know how that goes (Hall doesn't end up coming back. Not sure if it fell through or Dave got bad info or what, but it never happens. They held a Miss WCW Pageant in Las Vegas last week with Carrot Top as one of the judges and of course there was a bikini contest. Nitro Girl Chae ended up winning over Torrie Wilson, Major Gunns, Baby, Chiquita, Midajah and Stacy Keibler. Pamela Paulshock was supposed to be in it but no-showed due to her ankle injury (there's some good catty drama coming out of this in the next week or two. So the deal with Konnan messed up, actually. He had tricep surgery a few months ago and has no business back in the ring yet. But WCW cut his paycheck in half came back and he's wrestling. But here's the problem. The doctors still haven't given him a medical release yet because, well, they're doctors and he's still fucked up. They're like. Anyway, because he doesn't have his medical release, WCW is still only giving him half his pay. But they're still allowing him to wrestle. He's hoping to get a medical release this week so he can start getting full checks again. Dave just thinks this whole policy is so screwed up on so many ways. Disqo Inferno has been bringing out some plastic duck to the ring called the Disqo Duck. (I should stop for a second and explain something for the younger readers. R&B singer Sisqo had a HUGE hit called "Thong Song" around this time and WCW, in their infinite wisdom, capitalized by changing the spelling of Disco to Disqo. Anyway, the duck is fucking stupid and apparently at Nitro this week, Konnan literally handcuffed himself to the duck backstage to try and keep Disqo Inferno from taking it out to the ring. Someone had to try to save him from himself. Jeremy Borash will be doing announcing at this week's Thunder tapings. Dave says there's a lot of heat here because Borash is close to Vince Russo, so he's getting a lot of chances to do things like commentary even though he hasn't really earned it yet and hasn't shown any real aptitude for it. Dave says if Borash ends up replacing one of the main announcers on Nitro, there'll probably be a meltdown. Steve Austin and Debra got married last week in Las Vegas (fun fact: same wedding chapel Triple H and a drugged out Stephanie McMahon got married in. Funner fact: also the same wedding chapel I got married in. The plan for Sunday Night Heat, now that it's moving to MTV, is for it to be more of a humor and skit type show, with a lot of Tom Green-style humor (oh man, 2000 was such a weird time. They want to bring in musical guests and celebrities for it and will do a lot of the stuff from the WWF New York restaurant as well as at MTV's Times Square headquarters. Notes from Raw: a lot of the show was built around trying to seemingly bury Kurt Angle, by turning him into a goofy heel character and implying that he's gay. They showed a lot of footage of him crying at the Olympics and had Triple H make fun of him and all that stuff. Dave thinks it's a pretty weird thing to do one week before the biggest match of Angle's career (he's got a No DQ match with Triple H at next week's PPV) and sure didn't do him any favors for people taking him seriously. Hugh Hefner was on to plug Chyna's upcoming Playboy appearance and Dave thinks it's nice that Playboy and WWF could come together again in the interest of making money after all the nasty legal issues they had with the Sable fallout. And finally, Steve Regal debuted. Since we were talking about WCW's injury policy, Dave decides to let us know what WWF's policy is. A WWF wrestler that is out with an injury receives their downside guarantee. WWF contracts give you a guarantee (say, 300, 000 per year for example) but you can make a lot more money on the road because everyone gets a cut of house show gates and PPV revenue and whatnot. So if you're injured and not on the road, you won't get all that extra money, but you still make the 300, 000 guarantee. Of course, that leads to the same incentive for guys to sometimes come back before they're ready, because they're losing money by being at home, but from everyone who talks to Dave, there's not nearly as much pressure from the WWF to hurry up and come back as there is in WCW. Various WWF notes: Big Boss Man will be out for a few weeks after having his knee scoped. Grand Master Sexay needed 14 stitches in his ear after getting legit cut from the belt shot on Raw. Tori should be back in Oct. or early November after shoulder surgery. Billy Gunn should be back in a few weeks. Road Dogg's wife had surgery for a collapsed lung so he's out tending to her. Davey Boy Smith was in a motorcycle accident last week and Dave says if you know how many times Smith has been in and out of the hospital this year, it would scare you to death. Four different wrestling promotions have videos in the Billboard Top 20 none of them are WCW. Of course, WWF is all over the charts with their various releases taking up 12 of the 20 spots. ECW has videos at #5 and #7. XPW, which currently isn't running new shows and doesn't even have a building to run shows in right now, has videos at #12 and #19. And Insane Clown Posse's JCW promotion has a video at #13. All that, but no WCW. Kurt Angle and Taka Michinoku worked a UPW show in California along with a few other WWF developmental signees who started out at the UPW school (I decided to look it up and see who else of note worked that show: Franie Kazarian, Simon Dean, Rocky Romero, Mike Knox, Vic Grimes, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, and John Cena were all on the card. 2000/2001-era UPW had a ton of future stars come through the doors. One of the XFL teams is already moving before it even starts. The San Jose Demons have now been renamed the San Francisco Demons and will be playing in San Fran after negotiations with Spartan Stadium in San Jose fell apart. Dave thinks it might be a bad move. San Jose is a wealthier community with a large population and their hockey and soccer franchises do huge business. San Francisco already has a major team in every sport and he doesn't know if a B-level football team is going to draw as well there as it would have in San Jose. He also notes that in the spring, the weather is a lot warmer in San Jose at night than it is in San Francisco, and California isn't exactly the type of place where people want to sit out in the cold weather at night and watch football games. This isn't Green Bay or Chicago where freezing to death for football is almost a tradition (the cities are, like, an hour apart so I can't imagine the weather is that much different? Although I guess San Francisco is right there on the bay so maybe wind? I dunno. Anyone from the area care to chime in. A New York newspaper reported that Vince McMahon tried to stop VH1 from airing an episode of "The List" because the show featured appearances by Kevin Nash, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Sting, and other WCW stars. VH1 is owned by Viacom, which now owns 3% of WWF's stock and McMahon decided to try to throw his weight around and get the episode canned. Didn't work and it actually was one of the highest rated episodes of the show ever. But he did succeed in getting VH1 to agree to not air reruns of that episode. A WWF spokesman responded to the story, saying, It is highly unlikely that took place. It's not something we would do. But of course, you'll note that they didn't outright deny it and the idea that Vince McMahon wouldn't do something like that is laughable since he has a long history of doing exactly that sort of thing. The Slam! Wrestling website wrote an article criticizing the WWF policy of not allowing wrestlers to do interviews with other websites without company approval because they see all other websites as competition to their own site. The article noted they had an interview with Gerald Brisco awhile back and Brisco told them he could talk freely about his pre-WWF years but if it has to do with WWF, he'd have to clear it with the office. Jim Ross responded on his WWF website column, saying not a single interview request has come across their desk from any other wrestling websites. Dave talks about when the policy was put in place and says WWF told him he could still get anyone he wanted to interview on the Observer website, but he would need to go through the office first. Since that time, Dave says he's talked to wrestlers who agreed to appear, but when he tried to get it cleared by the office, it stalled and has been pending approval ever since with no answer sooooooo. WWF is wanting Big Show to drop down to 400 pounds. At his heaviest in WCW he was 505 and currently weighs a legit 480. Someone writes in with a conspiracy theory. He thinks Shane McMahon's death-defying fall from the TitanTron at Summerslam was done to prove a point given the upcoming Owen Hart wrongful death lawsuit, with the idea being that the WWF side can point to it as an example that, See! Even Vince McMahon's son is sometimes asked to perform stunts like this and they're usually done safely. Dave responds, saying that normally he'd think that's reading too much into things. But the day after Summerslam, several people in WWF as well as a couple of legal experts he talked to all had basically the same theory and said they wouldn't be surprised if it gets brought up in the trial. But time will tell, Dave says. Dave Lagana writes in, talking his experience working on "Friends" and talking about how most TV shows are written by writing teams and how stories are crafted in TV writing rooms and so on and so forth. Basically, it leads to the one big question every writer, booker, and performer should ask themselves: how will the audience react to the long-term story? Not how loud the momentary pop is or how much you were able to swerve the audience with a surprise that doesn't make any sense, etc. The point he's trying to make is that Vince Russo is doing literally everything wrong and he has no idea how to write television. He's also pretty fed up with Russo's constant everything-is-a-shoot booking, where they openly acknowledge scripts and bookers and shit in every segment. He's not the only one. Lots of letters talking about what a total trainwreck WCW is. Russo isn't the only problem. From management to marketing, the ball is being dropped everywhere. None of the stories are coherent. Characters change gimmicks or go from face to heel from week-to-week with no explanation, fans have no idea what's happening. Wrestlers themselves are out of control backstage. Merchandising is dead. Basically, the ship is sinking and the worst part is that nobody seems to care. Everyone is just drilling more holes in the ship. Even when they luck into something that works, they always manage to fuck it up immediately. So there's all that. But also, a lot of piling on Russo from a lot of people who think he's killing the company. MONDAY: Raw debuts on TNN, Steve Austin returns, ECW not yet cancelled on TNN after all, WWF Unforgiven fallout, and more...

Mtv 20: live & almost legal free watch movies. Mtv 20: live & almost legal free watch streaming. Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives. PREVIOUS YEARS ARCHIVE: 1991 • 1992 • 1993 • 1994 • 1995 • 1996 • 1997 • 1998 • 1999 1-3-2000 1-10-2000 1-17-2000 1-24-2000 1-31-2000 2-7-2000 2-14-2000 2-21-2000 2-28-2000 3-6-2000 3-13-2000 3-20-2000 3-27-2000 4-3-2000 4-10-2000 4-17-2000 4-24-2000 5-1-2000 5-8-2000 5-15-2000 5-22-2000 5-29-2000 6-5-2000 6-12-2000 6-19-2000 6-26-2000 The judge in the WWF vs. USA Network lawsuit ruled in favor of the WWF this week meaning the path is clear for WWF to leave USA and move their shows to Viacom stations. The WWF/Viacom deal not only moves Raw and other shows to TNN and MTV, but it also included advertising on Viacom-owned radio stations, billboards, theme parks, book publishing deals, CBS prime-time network specials, a scripted drama series, cable deals for the XFL, and a bunch of other stuff. Anyway, in September, Raw, Live Wire, and Superstars will be moving to TNN while Sunday Night Heat will go to MTV. They expect ratings for Raw to decline initially, since USA is the #1 cable network and TNN is #15. But it's believed that WWF fans will quickly follow them to the new channel so it probably won't be a big decline and the addition of Raw is going to immediately boost TNN to becoming one of the top cable networks. Where this leaves ECW is still unknown and, according to Paul Heyman, A week from now, I'll either be a champ or a chump. As of press time, USA has not officially made an offer to ECW but they did reach out to Heyman immediately after losing the trial, so there is interest there. ECW and WCW both have also had discussions with FOX. WWF also released their quarterly stock reports this week. TL;DR - just take all the numbers from last quarter and increase them a whole bunch, because WWF is booming right now. There's a bunch of figures and Dave breaks it all down, but nah. I ain't trying to fall asleep at my desk summarizing boring financial details today, just take my word for it, WWF is doing pretty decent. Despite all these big numbers, it wasn't quite the most financially successful quarterly report ever because WWF spent a lot of money on XFL startup costs, legal fees from the USA Network lawsuit, and the out-of-court settlement with Ultimate Warrior from that old lawsuit. King of the Ring is in the books and on paper it should have been a strong tournament, but it ended up feeling more like a WCW show. The best 3 wrestlers (Benoit, Guerrero, and Jericho) were all eliminated in the first round, while Rikishi was depended on to work 3 matches and made it all the way to the finals. Dave says that Rikishi is over because of his dancing, not because he's someone that fans want to see wrestle 3 lengthy matches in one night. Edge & Christian regained the tag titles. The Patterson vs. Brisco evening gown match was arguably the worst match of the year, full of gay jokes on commentary and the crowd booing the whole thing out of the building. Dave ponders whether or not Russo has secretly returned to WWF. He gives the match -3 stars. Well then, we can't not watch that. Kurt Angle won the King of the Ring tournament in a bad match with Rikishi. And Rock's title win felt secondary since he won it without even pinning Triple H. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T WATCH: Patterson vs. Brisco - Evening Gown Match (King of the Ring 2000) OVW held a big 30th anniversary show at the Louisville Gardens featuring several WWF stars as well as developmental guys signed to OVW, plus some other nostalgia acts. Dave talks about how bringing in big WWF stars for independent shows usually ends up being a bad thing for the indie companies, because it attracts a bunch of fans, but those fans only come to see WWF stars. So the local indie has trouble drawing on their own and fans only attend the shows that feature the big WWF stars because the ones that don't are seen as unimportant. It's the same mistake Smoky Mountain Wrestling made earlier in the 90s when they got to a point where they couldn't draw fans unless a WWF star was on the show. Dave says this is why Paul Heyman has been smart to reject WWF's offers to send stars to work ECW shows in the past, because then you become dependent on them. That was basically the case with this show, as it drew around 3, 000 people, most of whom came to see Mick Foley and Kane rather than homegrown OVW stars. Dave recaps the show. The Fabulous Ones were there, Kurt Angle, Mark Henry, Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, and more. Dave talks about a recent study that looked at racism and stereotyping in professional wrestling, looking at various ethnicities and gimmicks, and things of that nature. The short version of it is that Vince McMahon has a record of promoting heavily stereotypical and horribly racist characters. WCW's overall attitude towards race was also termed "horrible" while ECW's was "good" but still had room for improvement. It looks at the racial makeup of the U. S. (74% white, 13% black, 10% Hispanic, 4% Asian) and how that's represented in the 3 companies. In WCW, almost 95% of people in PPV main event matches during the last 5 years were white. The remaining 5% can pretty much be attributed multi-man main event matches like War Games or battle royals. If it was just singles matches, WCW's numbers would pretty much be 100% white. For WWF, it was 91. 5% of PPV main events, while for ECW it was 96. 6% the other 3. 4% is basically all D-Von Dudley. The story is the same when looking at who has held the world title in those companies. ECW got a big bump in the Asian category due to Masato Tanaka being champion for a bit. As far as stereotypes go, it talked about groups like Kaientai or the black guy playing a pimp in WWF, or the FBI group in ECW being an Italian stereotype and a bunch of other stuff like that. Long story short, despite The Rock's success, racism still exists in wrestling and aside from the occasional exception, non-white performers still aren't pushed or promoted fairly by any of the big 3. Hiroshi Hase won an election to the Japanese House of Representatives, making him the first pro wrestler to win a seat there. Hase was previously a member of the Diet (basically their Senate) as was Antonio Inoki a few years back. The workload in the House is a lot heavier and it's believed Hase won't have nearly as much time to wrestle, if at all, with his new position. Hase was one of the best in the world during his prime in the early 90s and has wrestled sporadically in AJPW while working in the Senate. During his victory speech, he acknowledged the AJPW drama, saying he's been so busy that he's not really familiar with the situation, and thanked several wrestlers who campaigned for him, such as Hashimoto, Masa Chono, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, and others. The bill to regulate "extreme" wrestling in New Jersey passed the state Senate and will be signed into law by the governor this week, and it effectively prevents Jersey All Pro Wrestling and Combat Zone Wrestling from running their typical hardcore shows in the state. JAPW and CZW now have to get approval from local officials 3 weeks before any show, ban people under 18 from attending, pay a tax on the profit they make, carry medical insurance for every wrestler, and have 2 doctors and an ambulance on hand at every show. Needless to say, this is all cost-prohibitive for 2 fledgling indie companies and of course, none of these rules apply to WWF, WCW, or ECW which is obviously unfair bullshit. But this was never about fair regulations anyway. Just some local politicians decided they wanted to ban JAPW and CZW from running in their backyard and since they didn't have any legal recourse of doing so, they basically created a law that effectively does it. So good news for those companies. Speaking of CZW, they had announced a show that would be taped for PPV with Atsushi Onita vs. Terry Funk in an exploding barbed wire match, but the show has been cancelled. They're claiming the athletic commission forced them to shut the show down, but Dave's not buying it. It was scheduled for Philadelphia, not New Jersey and as of a few days before the show, there were still 2nd row tickets available. The cost of the gimmicked ring, flying in Onita and Funk, and things of that nature means it was an expensive show and it clearly wasn't selling. They're planning to move it to a new location and try to save it, but Onita and Funk have since both backed out of working with CZW so this won't be happening. Misawa has agreed to let his wrestlers work the upcoming AJPW shows that they had already been advertised on, since tickets had already been sold. But the stipulation is that Misawa will make the matches for his people and none of his guys will face Masa Fuchi or Toshiaki Kawada (the 2 wrestlers who stayed with AJPW rather than leave with him. Misawa's guys will all face each other or face foreign stars. AJPW must also provide Misawa's wrestlers with a different hotel than Fuchi or Kawada and they won't travel on the AJPW buses either. So needless to say, things are tense right now. And speaking of Onita, he reportedly called Mrs. Baba and offered to work some AJPW shows and Dave talks about how Onita actually started his career in AJPW in the 70s as a normal wrestler before retiring for awhile and then returning as the bloodbath psycho wrestler he's known as today. Kenta Kobashi had knee surgery and is hoping to be back in time for NOAH's debut show in August. Dave thinks that may be pushing it (indeed, turned out it was way too soon and he ended up re-injuring himself even worse. We'll get to it, but yeah, Kobashi's knees are shot by this point. It's unknown what AJPW will do with their championships. Every single champion they have has left the promotion, including triple crown champion Kobashi. Speaking of this whole situation, there's been another defection. Long-time referee and front office exec Joe Higuchi, who has been with AJPW since the company started in 1972, announced he was siding with Misawa and is also heading to NOAH. This brings the total number up to 25 wrestlers and 18 office employees who have jumped ship to Misawa's new company. NOAH will be operating out of the new Diffa Ariake arena in Tokyo. Not only will they run shows there, but they are opening the company offices and a dojo there, so it's basically NOAH headquarters. Misawa said they will continue using Budokan Hall for major shows and are hoping to continue many of the traditions of AJPW, since this new company basically is AJPW in everything but name only. The new promotion will have a green ring with silver ring posts, since green and silver are Misawa's trademark colors. Antonio Inoki is pushing for NJPW to send Shinya Hashimoto to work some AJPW shows to help save that company. The idea of course is to eventually do an AJPW vs. NJPW angle, but right now, since AJPW has literally almost no one, there's no point in doing it now until they get new stars. Still no word on if NJPW is going to send Hashimoto or not (this actually surprises me. You'd think Inoki would want to see AJPW die more than anybody. Next week's issue of Sports Illustrated is scheduled to have a small story about Dave and the Observer (found it. READ: Sports Illustrated article featuring Dave Meltzer - 2000 Bill Watts did an interview basically trashing today's wrestling, especially the way they use women, the steroids, and the language. Dave points out the Watts' old Mid South promotion had a lot of similarities to modern day Raw in some ways, certainly when it comes to violence. He also says Watts used women like Missy Hyatt, Sunshine, and Dark Journey on his shows and, for their time, they were also dressed provocatively, although they look tame by today's standards. But the principal is still the same. Also, even though Watts was openly critical of steroid use back in the 80s, he never did anything to quash it in his own company and often pushed roided up stars to the top just like every other promoter. So really, this is just another "old man yells at cloud" situation. Shawn Michaels students Spanky and American Dragon have started working for Memphis Championship Wrestling. That would, of course, be Brian Kendrick and Daniel Bryan. New Jack suffered an ankle injury doing a balcony dive on a recent ECW show. Apparently a fan bumped up against him or pushed him, which messed up his trajectory and he fucked up his ankle somehow and ended up leaving on a stretcher. He also was put in a neck brace, although the ankle injury is thought to be more serious. No word how long he'll be out. Randy Savage's ex-girlfriend (they broke up) Gorgeous George appeared at the latest ECW tapings, only to get laid out by Francine with a kendo stick and then came back later in the show to attack Francine again. Word is she's going to be sticking around for awhile (yeah, she's there a few months. Random ECW notes: WCW women's star Mona (Nora Greenwald) was backstage at the ECW taping but wasn't used because she's still under WCW contract (she'll be in WWF soon. The ECW Arena has a "for lease" sign out front. And Paul Heyman is still negotiating to bring in Psicosis to debut at this month's PPV. Vince Russo is apparently sitting things out and waiting for WCW to come crawling back to him. Russo feels like last week's Nitro (which he didn't write) had too much wrestling and feels ratings will drop if they stick with that formula and they'll come begging for him to come back. A lot of the top (older) WCW stars are said to be against Russo returning, mostly because he wants them out. Russo is apparently trying to get rid of Hogan and DDP but needless to say, they have no interest in being forced out of their spots. There's also complaints about Russo making himself too much of the focal point of the shows, which Dave agrees with. For now, Terry Taylor is the main person booking WCW. Speaking of Hogan, the plan right now is for Bash at the Beach to be headlined by Jarrett vs. Hogan for the WCW title, with Hogan winning the belt. (Heh, yeah something like that. After 27 years, WCW Saturday Night is no more. The show has been moved to 11am and is now pretty much just a morning recap show. This has been planned for months due to declining ratings. Ric Flair's father passed away this week from complications from bowel surgery (holy shit, considering what eventually ends up happening to Flair 17 years later, that's awfully ironic. Dave reviews the latest WCW Thunder and shits all over it. Goldberg came out cutting a promo that 99% of the crowd didn't understand, talking about hating Scott Hall for being unprofessional and a bunch of other silly shit dating back to a real life incident back in December where Hall apparently cut some promo that Goldberg felt like buried him. Dave says if you don't closely follow all the insider gossip, then you probably had no clue what he was talking about. He also blamed Scott Hall for his arm injury and Dave says that, last he checked, Scott Hall wasn't a limousine window. He also rambled about Nash being a backstage politician and a bunch of other nonsense. Dave says this promo epitomizes WCW's problems. Booker T came out using his old music and the announcers went nuts talking about how they haven't heard that music in forever. Dave points out that Stevie Ray has been using it all along so it's really only been a week since they heard it. There's SO much more but if I wrote about every negative thing Dave said about this show, I might as well just copy and paste the whole review. Hulk Hogan has been appearing on the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show talking about trying to get a deal with FOX and claimed that FOX had offered him a 150 million talent budget and that after the July PPV, he was leaving WCW (true, as it turns out, though not quite how he intended) and going to start up a new promotion on FOX (obviously didn't happen. Hogan also said the Vampiro/Dale Torborg angle is terrible, which Dave agrees with. Lenny Lane appeared on the Observer radio show and talked about his status. His WCW contract expires next month. Lane said Paul Heyman told him he would give him an offer, but then never got back to him. And he said WWF has refused to talk to him until his WCW deal expires. Mick Foley has finished writing a screenplay for a movie based on his book. The process was basically the same as with his book. WWF wanted to bring in professional scriptwriters to do it, but Foley insisted on writing it himself. Foley has also written a bonus chapter for the paperback release of his book, which talks about his retirement and choice to come back only 6 weeks later, and he defended it by saying he was serious about retiring but Vince asked him and wore him down until he couldn't say no. The New York Times wrote a story about Brock Lesnar signing with WWF. It noted that he will start first in OVW in August. Jim Ross was quoted in the article saying that they don't plan to rush things with him but hope to have him on the main roster within a year. They credited Gerald Brisco with getting him to sign and said that he had turned down offers from WCW and NJPW and talked about his amateur wrestling credentials. The story said he's 270 pounds with 9% body fat and looks sort of like Dolph Lundgren. Raven has not yet signed a WWF contract but the two sides have reached a verbal agreement and for now it's basically just a matter of him getting out of his ECW deal (which Heyman has been wanting to get out of anyway. His ECW deal expires in late-August, assuming he doesn't get his release sooner. Unlike a lot of stars from other companies who come in and are pushed immediately, Raven has a lot of known baggage and has some enemies, so it's expected that he's going to have to come in and prove himself to some people in WWF. He had a meeting with Jim Ross this week at Titan Towers and will be doing the same Raven gimmick. USA Today ran a fun little story comparing wrestling to baseball, with The Rock and Mike Piazza trading joking insults back and forth and discussing which of the two is the real national pastime. This led to a columnist in the NY Daily News throwing a fit because wrestling is so horrible and yada yada. She was especially upset that Piazza said he would take his 8-year-old nephew to a WWF show, writing, readers are left to presume that Piazza would then explain that not all women are meant to be dragged by their hair while wearing G-strings, and steroids can lead to death, and hitting each other with steel-enforced chairs is not playground fun. The Winnipeg Sun ran a poll where readers could vote on Manitoba's sexiest man, and Chris Jericho won first place. Apparently I don't know Chris Jericho like I thought I did, because this seems like something he would have mentioned in promos for years after. WWF has hired identical twin models named Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski to developmental deals. They are dancers (not strippers, Dave clarifies) and have been training in wrestling for a few months (never became anything. WWF held a house show at Madison Square Garden and Donald Trump was at ringside. He was interviewed by Jerry Lawler and was heavily booed by the crowd when he began talking. But then he said his favorite wrestler was The Rock, which got a big pop, but then they started booing Trump again. Someone writes in and takes issue with the recent Lenny Lane interview on the Observer show. Lane defended his gay character in WCW, implying that it was representative of gay people and that they should take pride in the character. The person writing the letter points out that the gimmick was a total gay stereotype meant to incite homophobia from fans and get beat up by babyfaces and says that analogy is the same as saying black people should take pride in Virgil's WWF gimmick. FRIDAY: TNN announces cancellation of ECW, Jesse Ventura on E! True Hollywood Stories, Dave nerds out over amateur wrestling for, like, 25 paragraphs, Scott Hall's WCW future, and more...

MTV 20: Live & Almost Legal Free watching. Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives. PREVIOUS YEARS ARCHIVE: 1991 • 1992 • 1993 • 1994 • 1995 • 1996 • 1997 • 1998 • 1999 1-3-2000 1-10-2000 1-17-2000 1-24-2000 1-31-2000 2-7-2000 2-14-2000 2-21-2000 2-28-2000 3-6-2000 3-13-2000 3-20-2000 3-27-2000 4-3-2000 4-10-2000 4-17-2000 4-24-2000 5-1-2000 5-8-2000 5-15-2000 5-22-2000 5-29-2000 6-5-2000 6-12-2000 6-19-2000 6-26-2000 7-3-2000 Now that WWF is officially going to TNN, the future of ECW is now in question, both as a television show and the existence of the promotion itself. As expected, TNN officially announced this week that ECW's show is being cancelled, with the final episode scheduled to air in September. ECW and USA Network have had talks in the past week but no deal has been reached and its unknown if USA intends to even keep airing wrestling at all. As far as FOX goes, word is FOX is looking to have more of a show aimed at young people (kids and teenagers) and ECW by no means fits that mold. Word is FOX is mostly interested in doing something with WCW or with Hulk Hogan independently. In their press release announcing the cancellation of ECW, TNN said, ECW has failed to meet some of the criteria of the agreement, including ratings performance targets. We appreciate the efforts ECW and Paul Heyman have made to bring wrestling fans to TNN. When the deal first started, TNN had publicly been expecting ECW to draw ratings in the 2. 0 range and sold advertising presuming that number. ECW never really came close to the 2. 0 mark but they were still the highest rated show every Friday night on TNN. There's been a lot of back-and-forth bitterness between ECW and TNN during their relationship and especially now that ECW has been cancelled. Heyman has long complained about TNN failing to give ECW any significant promotion but in hindsight, it seems like they didn't bother promoting ECW because they knew all along that they were pursuing WWF. It's interesting because the deal ECW had with TNN stipulated that they could only cancel the show based on poor ratings if the number averaged 0. 6 or below over the course of a month. ECW ratings never fell that low for even one week, much less for a month, so legally, they shouldn't really be able to claim they are cancelling it due to ratings. With WWF's recent signing of NCAA heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, it leads Dave to go on a looooooooooong story about the history of other decorated amateur wrestlers going pro. Lesnar is the 3rd NCAA champion currently under contract to WWF (the other 2 being Kurt Angle and developmental wrestler Sylvester Terkey. Dave says Lesnar was probably the most highly-recruited athlete to go into pro wrestling since Ken Shamrock several years ago (like Lesnar, Shamrock also turned down offers from WCW and NJPW to go to WWF. There's been 16 NCAA champions to make the jump and most of them have been successful. 5 of them were HOF-level stars (Earl McCready, Leroy McGuirk, Verne Gagne, Danny Hodge and Jack Brisco) and several others were major stars or had long careers, and after only one year, Kurt Angle has established himself as a big time star also. Only 4 of the 16 can be considered flops who washed out of the business. And those are only the champions. There's a lot more who excelled at amateur wrestling despite never winning an NCAA title, such as Gorilla Monsoon, Steve Williams, Dan Severn, Bob Backlund, etc. From here, Dave basically writes a big paragraph or two for every single one of these guys, telling their history in the business. It's interesting stuff, but it's pretty much just Wikipedia for amateur-turned-pro wrestlers. He notes that Kurt Angle initially turned down a WWF offer back in 1996 but eventually decided to give it a shot and excelled at it beyond anyone's expectations. Dave thinks that, barring an injury, Angle is almost certain to become one of the biggest stars in the business in the next 5 years (yup. Lesnar has the look and the physical athletic skills, but whether he can put it together in the ring and get over as a personality is the big question. The E! network aired a one hour True Hollywood Story episode on Jesse Ventura that heavily focused on his wrestling career. Ventura came off great on the show and it featured interviews with Vince McMahon, Jimmy Snuka, Billy Graham, and others. Dave especially likes the fact that Adrian Adonis was finally given his due for his part in Ventura's success, because most biographies of him (including Ventura's own book) always downplay that part. The only part that Dave really takes issue with is that it spun the story of why Ventura fell out with McMahon, attributing it to Ventura trying to start a union. That happened in 1986 but Ventura stayed with the company until 1990 and left due to dispute over a video game deal Ventura had gotten for himself. McMahon once again confirmed that Hulk Hogan was the one who snitched Ventura out to him, which is also what McMahon testified to during the lawsuit with Ventura. For his part, Hogan still denies that he was the one who ratted out Ventura. The show ended with Ventura saying he wants to have a match against McMahon after he leaves office, which McMahon seemed open to. Genichiro Tenryu made a surprise return to AJPW and will be working the upcoming tour. It's especially interesting because it was thought Tenryu would never return to AJPW. He left the company back in 1990 to head up his own promotion, Super World of Sports, and when he left, he took several AJPW stars with him. Until his death, Giant Baba never forgave him for the betrayal. Many have said that if Baba were still alive, he never would have brought him back, no matter how desperate AJPW's situation is. But Motoko Baba apparently felt differently and, well, AJPW needs all the help they can get right now. So she made the deal and Tenryu has returned to AJPW, along with hell freezing over. Speaking of, AJPW and NJPW officials met this week to discuss a possible inter-promotional deal but nothing was agreed to. NJPW expected AJPW to be more desperate than they were, but AJPW wants to have everything booked equally and evenly, but NJPW wasn't going for that. Considering AJPW only has one or two name stars left, NJPW felt they don't have the depth to be booked evenly with all of NJPW's stars. Kawada is the only real top star AJPW has, and if they go out of business, he'd almost certainly end up in NJPW anyway, so they aren't in any hurry to help prop up the company. It's also going to be interesting to see if this pans out because Giant Baba legitimately hated Antonio Inoki for decades, so it shows how desperate Mrs. Baba is right now to keep her company afloat. Pride is said to be interested in bringing in Steve Williams and Bart Gunn to do some MMA fights. Dave thinks this is a bad idea and that both men would get slaughtered (Williams ended up doing one fight in 2004 for K-1, he got destroyed. Bart Gunn had 2 fights, both in 2006. He won the first one on a fluke technicality and lost the second by decision. Just before the start of the latest AJPW tour, Johnny Ace informed the company that he won't be coming back and has taken a backstage job with WCW. Ace has been with AJPW since 1988, who only hired him because he was Road Warrior Animal's brother. But in the years since, Ace went on to become a bigger long-term star in Japan than his brother and played a big role in behind-the-scenes stuff for the company, helping to book foreign stars and things like that. Word is he's been ready to get out of AJPW for awhile because the physical style was taking a toll on his body. About a year ago, he had a tryout with WWF but they weren't interested. Most of the foreigners were said to be leaning towards staying in AJPW but with Johnny Ace, who was the closest to Mrs. Baba, leaving the company, it has a lot of them second-guessing. During an interview this week, Steve Williams claimed that Vader would be joining Misawa's new promotion. Jumbo Tsuruta's gravestone is a 6'4 tall circular headstone listing his career history and featuring a photo of him wearing the AWA title. PHOTO: Jumbo Tsuruta's grave Other random Japan notes: everybody in NJPW is injured. Scott Norton's arm, Saito's broken collarbone, Kenzo Suzuki with a back injury and Katsuyori Shibata and Don Frye with neck injuries. Tenryu worked a match against female wrestler Shinobu Kandori and it was a stiff worked-shoot style match, with Tenryu beating the shit out of her. Even in a worked environment in a match she agreed to, Dave is really uncomfortable seeing a woman getting the hell beaten out of her like that. Atsushi Onita is claiming again that he's retiring this year. Naoya Ogawa officially vacated the NWA title this week so he can focus on training for an MMA fight against Rickson Gracie next year. He was originally supposed to drop it to Gary Steele, but he has an arm injury right now and instead of waiting for him to heal, they decided to just have him vacate it "due to injury" and do a tournament later to crown a new champion. Dave saw a Discovery Channel show about Ultimate Pro Wrestling School in California. The highlight of the show was a guy named John Cena (Dave spells it "Sena" here) who has the look of a young Sting and does a gimmick called The Prototype. Dave says he has tremendous delivery in his promos. "Until you see him wrestle in the ring, he looks like a can't miss. Watching him wrestle, you see that he needs a lot of work, but if he gets that down, he has a shot at being a genuine star. Cena has a bodybuilder physique and they showed him stocking up on groceries for the week, buying 40 pounds of meat, 35 pounds of chicken, seven dozen eggs and several gallons of milk. Overall, Dave thinks the documentary was good because it showed how hard the road is to making it as a top star. He said the show features a lot of people you'll probably never hear from again and one or two people that may be big stars in 5 years. WATCH: UPW - Inside Pro Wrestling Shawn Michaels must be almost as good a teacher as he is a wrestler. Dave has seen a few episodes of Michaels' TWA promotion that airs locally in San Antonio and says it's the best indie show around, due to the great in-ring wrestling and compares it to 80s-era Stampede. The top star is a guy named Spanky who is fun and has a lot of charisma but he's small (that'd be THE Brian Kendrick. Another guy there is American Dragon, who is a little larger than Spanky and has a lot of potential (and of course, that'd be Daniel Bryan. He does a lot of high flying moves, but hits them like a pro. Dave thinks he tries to do too much in every match but for as new as he is, he's a great worker. The other one who impressed Dave is a bigger guy named Lance Cade, who reminds him of a young Barry Windham, but not nearly as good yet. Random ECW notes: Psicosis is expected to debut at the PPV. Bobby Eaton is also expected to debut soon. At the upcoming ECW Arena show, they're planning to have a going-away party for Raven since he's heading to WWF. Speaking of the ECW Arena, there's a lot of concern that this could be the last show there, but ECW has another one booked for August, if they last that long. A guy named Red Dog debuted (that'd be Rodney Mack. Vic Grimes' WWF developmental contract wasn't renewed because they felt like he hasn't improved enough. He's still technically with ECW but since money is tight right now, they aren't flying him in to shows (he lives in California. At a Kansas City house show, RVD debuted a new move where he did a springboard dropkick from one corner of the ring to the other, into a chair in his opponent's face. He also did it at the house show the next night and is expected to debut it on the PPV against Scotty Anton. Nearly everyone who saw it said it was one of the most amazing spots they've ever seen in professional wrestling (that'd be the Van Terminator, which Shane McMahon later stole as his finisher. Vince Russo is expected to be back this week and, speaking of, the upcoming Bash at the Beach PPV is expected to be headlined by Hogan vs. Jarrett but rumor is there's problems with the finish. Take it with a grain of salt, of course, because the story involves Hogan, Bischoff, and Russo and anything they say or do always has to be considered a possible angle. The plan is for Jarrett to win but Hogan, who has creative control in his contract, is balking at putting over Jarrett. Hogan was supposed to be on Nitro this week to shoot an angle to build to the match but due to arguments over the planned PPV finish, Hogan refused to come to Nitro. Again, Dave says you can never be sure if this is an angle given the people involved. Notes from Nitro: Johnny The Bull was injured during his hardcore match with Terry Funk, with Bull doing a springboard legdrop outside the ring and it's believed he may have suffered a broken pelvis. He immediately told Funk to pin him to end the match, but Funk wasn't supposed to win and he felt this match was getting Johnny over (the crowd was really into it) so instead of pinning him, Funk kept it going for another minute or so despite Johnny being in obvious pain. After the match backstage he was throwing up and had blood in his urine. Dave says people backstage had warned Johnny not to do the move earlier in the day. He ended up having to be carried backstage after the match (turns out the injury was a lot more horrifying. Pelvis was messed up but he also busted his bladder and tore his urethra. And that's enough internet for me today. Jeff Jarrett brought out a bunch of fat women to sing the for the end of Hogan's career, and it was one of the worst segments on Nitro in months, and that covers a lot of ground. To make it even worse, they did this at 9pm, right as Raw was starting, because WCW. It ended with a fake standards & practices guy coming out and Jarrett laying him out with a guitar shot. The guy doing the angle was an actor but he used the real S&P guy's name and it turns out they asked the real S&P guy to do it, but he refused. "You know things are bad when guys who have never even been on TV are refusing to do your angles. Dave says. He also thinks it's hilarious that WCW keeps blaming S&P for their failure to write good television, meanwhile WWF is dealing with the PTC going after advertisers, toned their show down, and still manages to put out a good product most weeks (and in fact, Smackdown ratings went up after they started toning down the content. Yet WCW (particularly Russo) continues to whine about S&P being the reason WCW can't dig themselves out of their hole. Pretty much everything else also sucked. WATCH: Johnny The Bull gets injured Backstage at last week's Thunder tapings, Scott Steiner reportedly threw a fit when asked to put over Mike Awesome. In response, Steiner threatened to beat up Terry Taylor, who responded saying he'd sue if Steiner touched him, and Steiner cursed him out and called him a bunch of names for threatening to sue. This isn't the first time Steiner has had a temper tantrum at management backstage and even on TV awhile back, he cut an unscripted promo on TV against Ric Flair that led to him being suspended. Dave thinks this sort of behavior will continue as long as WCW refuses to grow a spine and actually punish wrestlers for unprofessional behavior. Dave also makes a not so subtle reference to 'roid rage and points out the obvious steroid issues still prevalent in WCW. Anyway, Steiner was pulled from the Thunder tapings but he's still scheduled to work the PPV and Dave says that's surely going to send a strong message about what happens when you threaten to beat up your boss. Steiner isn't the only person making waves lately. Kevin Nash also got into a bit of a verbal spat with Terry Taylor (who has been booking the shows in Russo's absence) and Nash allegedly said "If you're so smart, how come you never drew a dime. And finally, Goldberg has been unhappy about his heel turn and is said to have a pretty short fuse lately also, and has been heavily pushing them to turn him back babyface. The Great American Bash did a 0. 19 buyrate. Just a reminder, that PPV featured both Hogan and Flair in loser-must-retire matches, plus a heavily hyped announcement that was supposed to "change the face of the wrestling industry" ended up being Goldberg's heel turn. And they got about the same number of viewers as a poorly-lit low rated ECW TV episode. They've been doing an angle for weeks where Kevin Nash is trying to bring Scott Hall back. Goldberg is facing Nash at the PPV and if Nash wins, Hall returns. One big problem though: WCW head honcho Brad Siegel has made it clear that he doesn't want Scott Hall back. Of course, the issues all stem from Hall's behavior and the last straw was several months ago in England when Hall was so trashed that he wasn't even allowed on the plane to fly back to the U. S. with the rest of the crew, which caused him to miss the go-home Nitro for a PPV he was main eventing. He got back the next day but threatened JJ Dillon over something and ended up being pulled from Thunder that week also. He did show up and main event the PPV but he suffered a legit neck injury in that match. Hall was expected to be fired after that PPV but the neck injury and subsequent surgery basically saved his job and he's been sitting at home earning 16, 000 a week while he recovers. There was a lot of talk that Hall faked the injury to save his job, and in any other case, Dave wouldn't be surprised. But Hall legitimately had neck surgery for the injury, so it's pretty unlikely that he faked it. There's an added wrinkle to this because Hall was dating Brad Siegel's neice Emily Sherman and they had a very stormy relationship and apparently had a big public altercation with each other during the England trip. Anyway, considering they've already started the angle on TV to bring him back without ever consulting the head of the company to see if he would even allow him to come back, Dave says WCW is even more incompetent than he previously thought (indeed they were. Siegel sticks to his guns. Hall never comes back, thus rendering this storyline meaningless. But don't worry: the saga of Kevin Nash going into business for himself in order to get Hall re-hired is just beginning. Various WCW notes: Curt Hennig's contract has expired, no word on his future. Rey Mysterio's knee is in bad shape yet again because WCW keeps putting him in the ring before he's healed and he keeps doing more than he should. There's talk of making Stevie Ray a commentator. Ric Flair is hoping to be back in the ring by September after undergoing shoulder surgery. Chris Candido is apparently done in WCW. He suffered a broken wrist a few weeks ago and Bischoff was said to be unhappy about it since they just reformed the Triple Threat group with Candido, Douglas, and Bigelow and then a week later, Candido showed up injured. Bischoff also was unhappy with Bigelow, feeling he's out of shape. Candido is still under contract until September and hasn't been released but they aren't planning to use him anymore. Shane Douglas is dealing with a neck injury but no one knows how bad because he refuses to seek treatment. He was injured on Thunder initially and then 6 days later again on Nitro and was clearly shaken up and unable to lift up his opponents to do his moves. But when told to get checked out, he's been insisting that he's fine. Dave says that's the attitude of a lot of people in WCW now because the company has started cutting people's paychecks in half when they're out injured, so no one wants to take time off. Dave takes a look at WCW's money losses. After 27 years on the air, WCW Saturday Night has pretty much been cancelled. It was renamed WCW Saturday Morning and moved to a morning time slot and it's just a recap show nowadays. But Dave notes that the ratings difference amounts to about a 64% drop in ad revenue from what the show was doing in the evening time slot. And of course, Nitro has theoretically suffered a 42% drop so far this year due to cutting the show from 3 hours to 2 but in reality, production costs have gone up significantly so odds are they have lost even more money than that. Dave says the cutback to 2 hours was probably a necessity, for the sanity of everyone working there if nothing else, but it was a major factor in WCW's staggering losses so far this year. Plus, the idea of cutting back to 2 hours is that it would improve the ratings, which it should have and did in the short-term, but now they're back down to lower than ever. Not to mention PPV buyrates are in the toilet, no one goes to WCW house shows anymore, and merch sales are basically flatlined. TL;DR - WCW is still hemorraging money. Hulk Hogan tried to lend his name to a political endorsement but it backfired. An ad aired on TV and had Hogan telling voters in Clearwater, FL to vote for a 300 million downtown revitalization project that they claim will create 2, 000 jobs. In the commercial, Hogan claimed he and his family had lived in Clearwater for 12 years and said he was going to vote for the bill. Turns out Hogan doesn't actually live in Clearwater (although he is close to it) and isn't a registered voter there. The sponsors behind the ad called it a mistake and have since pulled the ad from TV. Vampiro is apparently recording an album with ICP. According to Violent J, the band's label Psychopathic Records plans to release a Vampiro album later this year called Thrillkill, and Vampiro will go on tour with ICP around then as well. ICP is also hoping to get back into WCW because they love doing pro wrestling and neither WWF or ECW will bring them back (Vampiro album never happens. He eventually goes on tour with them for a few shows but it's right after he suffers a concussion and he ends up leaving the tour because the loud music was too painful. Roddy Piper is still under WCW contract but there's no plans to bring him back to TV right now. But he's still contracted for several more PPV matches so it's bound to happen eventually (nah, WCW goes out of business before then, but I think Piper ends up suing them over not honoring the contract. The New York Times ran a story about the WWF's victory in the lawsuit with USA. In the article, USA president Stephen Chao tried to downplay the loss, saying it would have a negligible effect on the network's ratings (which Dave says is a pretty stupid comment given how WWF is by far the highest rated product on USA) and basically acted like they didn't care. If USA wasn't that concerned about WWF leaving, they wouldn't have gone to such extreme legal lengths to try and stop it. Chao also claimed that it would have a positive effect on the network's profits because wrestling isn't as profitable to advertisers. But during the actual trial, USA execs testified that the WWF was highly profitable and touted Raw as the crown jewel of USA's schedule. So needless to say, they're trying to save face publicly but make no mistake, USA is taking a big hit by losing WWF. There's also concern about how WWF moving to TNN will affect Canada. Right now, WWF is broadcast on TSN in Canada because the USA Network isn't available there. But TNN is. The belief is that TSN is probably going to be screwed in the long-run because they often pre-empt Raw for other sports and also heavily censor it, neither of which WWF is happy about. They still have 3 years left on their deal with TSN but for now, it's going to air on both channels. TSN has talked about picking up Nitro if they end up losing WWF. WWF's after-tax profit for the first quarter of 2000 was 12, 773, 000 which is slightly down from last years first quarter profits. The reason is that WWF had lower expenses last year and this year they have already spent some money on legal fees and XFL start-up costs. Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Kurt Angle are all going to be in high profile matches on the upcoming Fully Loaded PPV, with Benoit main eventing against the Rock for the WWF title, Jericho against Triple H, and Angle against Undertaker. There's a lot of pressure for this show to do a good buyrate because if it doesn't, those 3 guys are going to be blamed. Dave seems to think it's a little unfair that Benoit and Jericho just got eliminated in the first round of last month's King of the Ring PPV and haven't had any major wins on TV and now they're expected to draw a big PPV buyrate in main event spots. That's practically being set up to fail. Notes from Raw: Dave thinks was the funniest wrestling show he's seen in forever and says whoever came up with the Mick Foley segments deserves a raise and that Foley should be working in sitcoms. The wrestling was really good too. Basically, WWF is still kicking ass right now while WCW is struggling to string together a single good segment on Nitro. Also, Stevie Richards is now Steven and is doing a censorship gimmick where he runs out and covers up half naked women and things like that, which is a riff on the whole PTC thing. Various WWF notes: when it moves to MTV, Sunday Night Heat will likely feature less first-run wrestling matches and become more of a recap show with more music included. Bob Holly had surgery on a broken arm stemming from Kurt Angle landing badly on him doing a moonsault. Holly ended up needing plates and screws put into his arm and will be out for about 3 months. Tori has a separated shoulder and may need surgery also. Dean Malenko is working with a shoulder injury. Kurt Angle's 1996 Olympic victory celebration is being shown in NBC commercials for the upcoming 2000 Olympics. Big Show should be back on TV soon. Perry Saturn is dealing with a lot of back problems but is working through them. WWF has had talks with Kurt Angle's brother Eric Angle but he hasn't been signed as of yet. And on eBay this week, someone is auctioning off photos that he took live in the arena of Owen Hart's death. It was made clear to Raven during meetings that he is being brought in to the WWF on probation. He's getting a relatively low downside guarantee compared to most contracts and has been told that he has to prove he's moved past all his known issues and that he's basically coming in with a zero tolerance policy. So if he screws up, he's gone, but if he doesn't, he'll be given a fair chance just like everyone else. A lot of guys who worked with him in WCW and ECW went to bat for him to help get him hired. Just to show you how much things have changed in the business, The Rock is now a 5-time WWF champion in less than two years, which already ties him with Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart for most all time. Triple H is a 4-time champion in an even shorter period of time. Basically, world titles are passed around like hot potatoes nowadays. Letters section this week. One guy writes in ranting about Vince Russo, blaming him for booking the match that led Terry Funk and Chris Candido into a position where they could have been killed by a horse on live TV and says clearly Russo has learned nothing from the dangerous stunt booking that led to Owen Hart's death. He also argues that Russo is racist for his comments about Japanese and Mexican wrestlers, comparing it to the statements Bill Watts made that got him fired from WCW back in 1993. Someone else writes in, criticizing Jim Cornette for kissing Vince McMahon's ass during a recent interview. In fact, this is the guy who interviewed him. Cornette spent the interview trashing Vince Russo (whaaaa? No way, that doesn't sound like the Cornette I know) and portraying McMahon and the WWF as ethical and honest. He says when he pushed Cornette on the way Vince gobbled up the territories, Cornette claimed that Vince never stole away anyone's stars without letting the promoter know first, which is obviously bullshit. When he challenged Cornette on the way McMahon handled Owen Hart's death ( they pried Owen's dead body off the canvas without hesitation and continued on with the PPV. Cornette said that was distasteful. The guy writing the letter says that the only thing distasteful is the way WWF handled that situation. Cornette complained that WCW and Vince Russo had ruined the integrity of wrestling while ignoring what WWF has turned pro wrestling into. And on and on and on. Basically, he says Cornette is right when he talks about how awful Vince Russo is but he says Cornette has blinders on when it comes to Vince McMahon. It's a long letter and the guy makes a lot of good points, but hey, Cornette was still on the WWF payroll at the time so, ya know. What'd he expect him to do, badmouth his boss in an interview? NFL reporter (and, in 2018, SiriusXM radio host) Alex Marvez writes in with a brief letter to address something Dave wrote recently about steroids in the NFL as compared to wrestling. Marvez says that he's never seen rampant steroid abuse in the NFL or even minimal steroid abuse, and feels that the NFL's current testing process is effective. And finally, comedy writer and Observer reader Desmond Devlin writes in with another long and hilarious letter that is once again worth reading in full: Please, my tortured mind is whirling and only you can save me. Please answer my questions. Is pro wrestling really a good match for The Nashville Network? I mean, when you think about all that drinkin' and shootin' and car crashin' and incest and broken marriages, the WWF could end up being a really bad influence on country music. Do you think Saddam Hussein's troops in the last war appreciated that they were "getting the rub" from the U. Army? Looking back, don't you agree that Sid Vicious' consecutive win streak was underrated? Personally I thought it was the greatest sports accomplishment since Joe DiMaggio hit in 2, 814 straight games. WWF offered the public stock by saying, Get a piece of the Rock. Considering what a fine investment it has turned out to be, shouldn't they have name dropped "Crash" Holly instead? By the way, did Eddy Guerrero's wallet ever turn up? Why were protesters upset over Lodi and Lenny's fellatio act, when, in fact, they sucked far less than most WCW wrestlers? Why do people constantly complain that Vince Russo buries all non-English speaking wrestlers? Scott Steiner gets a push every week. Why do people say wrestling is bad for children? It teaches us science (silicon is one of the 109 elements) math (Mark Henry showing Mae Young how many times 450 goes into 77) history (every PPV is the greatest PPV in history) and religion (do unto others, preferably with a kendo stick. Since Samuel L. Jackson is over 50 years old, shouldn't he be in WCW vying for the "Rookie of the Year" award? When you started the Observer, did you ever think the business would progress to a point where you would type the words, Disco attacked Iaukea with a loaded fish" or "salad tongs to the groin. Why do people write the term, Triple-HHH. Wouldn't that make him HHHHHHHHH? Is it true the next inductees to the WCW arm of Misfits in Action will be General Confusion, Major Screwup, Corporal Punishment and Private Vendettas? Why is Stephanie McMahon still WWF womens' champion? We all saw The Rock give her the rock bottom and get a clean pin on her at the end of Wrestlemania. Why should Rock get big money to star in "Mummy 2" when the true originator didn't make a dime. If I were Ron Reis, I'd be mad. Is it true that Tazz walked past a Toys R Us register and it rang up a sale for a Hulk Hogan action figure? A while back, Jim Hellwig offered to do a shoot match in ECW with the proviso that if he lasted 30 seconds, he'd own the company. Was Heyman afraid to agree to his terms because he thought Warrior might spend the entire 30 seconds speaking one sentence and leaving everyone in the arena unconscious? If you turn up the sound on Nitro really high and see Reid Fliehr watching his father, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Terry Funk all running around, can you hear the kid whisper, I see dead people. Everyone wonders who the toughest man in wrestling really is, Meng, Ken Shamrock or Tank Abbott? Isn't it obvious the answer is Jim Ross? One week after Helmsley broke his arm, it was already 100% healed and forgotten. Will the XFL be suing the NFL to regain control of some of the franchise names that pro football owners stole from wrestlers? I'm thinking of The Patriots (Del Wilkes) The Giants (Paul Wight) The Oilers (Lex Luger) The Redskins (Brother Love) the Browns (Pat Patterson's underpants) and the 49ers (everyone who gets a push in WCW. Those Linda McMahon segments are dynamite. Is she getting speech lessons from Stephen Hawking? Does Steve Borden have any trouble getting a car loan or a mortgage after those 25 evil Stings, fake Stings and stuntman Stings ruined his credit rating? And wasn't the Vampiro-Sting "set your opponent on fire" match nothing but a blatant attempt to recreate the kind of fan excitement the WWF had when the Undertaker set fire to Vince McMahon's teddy bear? Is it true that WCW, always on the lookout for fresh faces, is looking into stealing away the promising WWF newcomer whose contract ran out, Fabulous Moolah? Tank Abbott comes out to Goldberg's music. Sean Stasiak does Curt Hennig's act. Kanyon copies DDP's routine. Big Show imitates Hulk Hogan. Prince Iaukea acts like Prince. Terry Funk disguises himself as Ralphus. Everybody does the Rikishi dance. And every big match ends with a ripoff of the Bret Hart-HBK Survivor Series finish. I guess what I'm wondering is, how do we know you're the real Dave Meltzer? Desmond Devlin Battle Creek, Michigan MONDAY: fallout from Bash at the Beach and the Hogan/Russo incident, more on the TNN/ECW situation, Goldberg gets worked into a shoot by the dirtsheets, and more...

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MTV 20: Live & Almost Legal Free watches. That microphone switch at 2:06 in the middle of choreography. Definitely her best performance to date, dance, vocally and aesthetically wise. What is a tracker A tracker is two things. for the purpose of this subreddit, trackers generally consist of both parts. A website that indexes lists of torrent files to download. The actual payload (movie, application, whatever) is not hosted on these sites, merely an index of torrent files. The data is actually stored distributed across all of the users' computers who are seeding that content. The software which coordinates different users' bittorrent clients to decide who should download/upload from whom. There are public indexers (Pirate Bay (TPB) Kickass Torrents (KAT) etc) that anyone can use if they know the URL There are also private or semi private trackers, where you need membership to access their files or communicate with the tracker protocol. Much of the discussion in r/trackers, and most of the content in this FAQ is about private trackers. Give me an invite to X / How do I get started in private trackers? No. Check r/invites or or r/trackers /comments/3vn9jw/open_signups_thread/ sort=new or r/trackers /wiki/getting_into_private_trackers or r/trackers /wiki/reddit_offers or But I have superfast internet/seedbox, please please please? Still no. Also, at many trackers large disk space (100sGB-TB. dedicated to long term archival seeding is more valued than speed. Private trackers are generally over-seeded, especially for new content. One more fast connection in the mix doesn't help a lot. Keeping a torrent alive years later does. Get into one of the trackers that does applications or open invites. Build a good ratio and a reputation. Increase your user class. Then you will have access to recruitment forums to get into other trackers. Can I buy/trade an invite to X/Should i use invite forums No. Do not buy or trade invites. You will get caught. You will get banned from that and (possibly) all other trackers. You will lose your money. Do not join tracker invite or trading forums. On many trackers merely being a member of any of the account trading and invite forums is a ban-able offense, even if you do not buy or trade any invites. The notable exception is ThePirateSociety (TPS) which is largely considered a bittorrent community and not an invite forum. TPS members use their tracker usernames without risk of ban from trackers and the forum is generally allowed and respected. They do not have an invite offers section like other invite forums, but they do have recruitment threads run by tracker staff. How do I get into the elite trackers/Which sites have recruitment threads for site X The rules of this subreddit do not allow answering this question directly. The general answer is that many trackers have invite and recruitment forums for their advanced user classes (Power User (PU) and Elite, etc. Don't confuse these forums with the public invite/trading forums which will get you banned. Private tracker Invite forums are where other users can offer their extra invites to other members of that tracker. Recruitment forums are run by other tracker staff generally offering unlimited invites to those that meet certain criteria. So, you start out on entry level trackers, level up. Get invited to intermediate trackers. Level up. Get invited to more elite trackers. Lather, rinse, repeat. Focus on enjoying the trackers that you are already a member of rather than just racing to the next tier. If you aren't actually interested in the content of a tracker, it is just going to be frustrating for you to meet their requirements and contribute. The tracker obviously is also not happy about being just a stepping stone for you. Also, for the most part you probably don't actually need the elite tracker (See the are higher tier trackers better question below. A Special Note on PTP, RED, Bb (and others) Invites. PTP, Red, Bb, and others) have more restrictive rules on their invites. In particular, it is considered a "public offering" to give invites to people you know from Reddit/IRC/Tracker forums, even if done "privately. Their invites are intended for real-world friends and family only. Others should be directed to recruitment threads on other trackers. Scene/0Day/General A good scene or general tracker can serve 99% of your needs. A great majority of new content available from the specialized sites below is available from the scene and general trackers. Many of them are also relatively easy to get into with a number of them holding interviews or regular open applications. Bb is the reddit community general tracker, but recruitment and invites are usually closed due to being at user cap. Due to inactive user purges, invites are available every few days/weeks, so find a friend who has invites and tell them to watch for when invites are open. GeForcesTracker (GFT) PreToMe (PTM. Ratioless. DigitalHive (DH) TorrentLeech(TL) Alpha Ratio (AR. Ratio. There are many more trackers in this category. check the spreadsheets and flowcharts. If you are interested in automatically downloading tv and movies from these trackers, see which trackers are supported by Jackett to help you pick. Many people will say iptorrents (IPT) or SceneTime (ST) but see the bottom section on reputation. What is a good TV tracker BroadcastTheNet (BTN) is the best. If you are asking this question, you probably can't get in. Invites are very rare. They do have limited recruitment at at least one top tier tracker. Try MoreThanTv (MTV)or nebulance (TTN/NBL) or BitMeTv (BMTV. Also most TV shows up on the 0-day scene trackers. BTN, and MTV are ratioless. NEB, and BMTV have ratio requirements. MTV is a strong but distant second place. It also carries a decent selection of movies and other content. NEB has ratio, but seasons are freeleech, and "cubits" earned from seeding can be used to "reduce download" and fix your ratio. BMTV was considered one of the greats, but is hard to get into, and difficult to maintain ratio on (can donate for more ratio) What is a good general movie tracker PassThePopcorn (PTP) is widely considered the best general movie tracker. If you are just getting started, you can't get in. It is currently impossible to get in. Both invites and recruitment have been disabled for the meantime. HDBits (HDB) is considered better/more elite by some, but has a reputation of being very difficult to get into. Most of their popular content filters down to other trackers. They have some recruitment threads are top tier trackers, for very high user classes. AwesomeHd (AHD) TehConnection (Tehc) BeyondHD (BHD) UHDBits, are very good alternates that are easier to get into. Realistically, any one of them would serve 99. 9% of your cinema needs. There are many more movie trackers that specialize in certain formats or genres, see the spreadsheet or flowcharts below if you want something special. AHD focuses exclusively on high def releases, and has a good amount of TV bluray encodes and remuxes as a bonus Tehc is probably the easiest of the more popular movie trackers to get into, and has a good selection. BHD is ratioless. Generally almost all of the movie trackers are ratio sites, but most have bonus point or freeleech systems that make maintaining ratio easy if you try. Many of the other movie trackers not specifically named are high quality trackers, but have more specialized audiences or are too hard to get into for someone new. Not naming them here is not intended as any slight, but for someone who is asking a basic question like this, naming those trackers probably wouldn't help them much What is a good music tracker Yes, it was. (Who's on first. cry) In the wake of the closing of OINK and What, numerous new music trackers have cropped up including: Redacted/PassTheHeadphones, Xanax/Apollo, NotWhatCD, and old standby Waffles still exists. Red and Apollo both do IRC interviews similar to the old WCD interview. Many other music trackers exist and are specialized in particular genres. See the spreadsheets and flowchart. For new, popular music, most of the scene/general trackers will have it. What is a good ebook/audiobook tracker Bibliotik (Bib) and MyAnonymouse (MAM. Bib is a lot harder to get into, and is harder to keep ratio on, but has a large catalog, especially of retail ebooks. MAM has a much wider selection of audiobooks, but a very good collection of ebooks and staff-picks are regularly set to freeleech to help with ratio. MAM occasionally has interviews for recruitment. Best sellers are often available from scene/general trackers. Games GazelleGames (GGn) is the biggest. UltimateGamerClub (UGC) is a newcomer to the gaming sites, and has open applications. Scene trackers generally carry games too. I'm looking for something rare/obscure/cult/VHS/fan-edits Myspleen has a great selection of out of print, VHS, 80s, 90s, etc. They are also famous as the home of several Star Wars preservation projects and fan-edits. CinemaGeddon (CG) and, Karaganga (KG) cinematic have a lot of cult, B, and art house movies. Also PTP's and BTN's huge catalogs have a wide selection of older or more unusual content if you can get into them. Porn Empornium is probably the best. They have recently opened recruitment. pussytorrents, Pornbits, pornbay, PornoLab gay porn - r/trackers /comments/6b11ga/biggest_gay_torrent_trackers/ r/trackers /comments/2d4c05/where_do_the_gay_trackers_recruit/ r/trackers /comments/56nvyk/gay_tracker_with_good_quality_control/ Many scene/general trackers carry porn. What is up with all these acronyms! Some trackers have rules about writing their name in full to avoid attention. Others are just long and people are lazy and don't want to type them over and over. It also makes those in the know feel more important than those not in the know. Go google them, they all come up. I need a tracker not mentioned above Flowchart: Spreadsheet: Giant database: Are private trackers better than public trackers Depends on what you mean by "better. They are much safer. They generally have higher quality releases and bigger back-catalog. They have community. If you make requests, they often will get filled. Speeds are generally quite fast. They also have rules. If you can't contribute back by long term seeding, uploading, encoding or some other contribution - you may find it a struggle. Are the high level trackers better than the entry level trackers Yes. But maybe not in a way that matters to you. For US/English, mainstream, recent content every place has it, and has it in good quality. Sites such as AHD, Tehc, MTV, Bb (and many others) etc have excellent communities, and seriously can serve 99. 9% of your needs in for their target specialty. The elite trackers generally have a much wider selection of items, more encodes for a given item, etc. It is difficult to exaggerate how much bigger PTP and BTN are than their competition in terms of catalog. On the other hand if you are interested in what was on TV in the last week, and the latest blockbuster release, that extra selection is mostly dead-weight you won't miss. See also the next question about Scene vs P2P Are P2P/Internal/Remux releases better than the Scene release? Yes. But maybe not enough to care. The quality of a good P2P/Internal is measurably better. But is the quality noticeably better? YMMV depending on your eyesight, your TV/computer, how far away you are, your lighting, your sound system, etc. Realistically, unless someone did a really shit encode, most people probably cant tell the difference between the scene release and the P2P/Internal release. (which is not to say that there aren't groups that consistently do shit releases, for both scene and p2p/internal groups) r/trackers /comments/3r9hin/asapfleetreleases_getting_internald_afterwards/ Most people can't tell the difference between 720 and 1080. Most people can't tell the difference between V2 and V0 and FLAC. For those that can, or that pretend they can) they go to the higher-tier sites with more P2P and Internal releases. Some people really do care about 100% transparency (in some cases even improvements OVER the bluray/wire. They are willing to wait, and they are willing to give up the bandwidth/space/ratio. This probably matters more for movies, where people keep them around for long term repeat viewing and a small wait for a better version is not significant. Also, unless you are dealing with a CAM or Screener, the movie was out in theaters months ago, so the additional wait for better quality and the resultant additional risk of spoilers is minimal. In the TV world, scene typically rules, because if you don't want the scene release, waiting might mean waiting for the Bluray to come out, or at least a day or two, and the show might get spoiled the next day at work/school. However, the first scene release is for some shows is of noticeably lower quality due to racing, and a P2P/Internal/Proper release will generally come out within a few hours/day that is better (Game of Thrones commonly has this issue) Here is a thread that shows good comparisons between various releases of Westworld S01E01. r/Piracy /comments/56vznr/westworld_s01e01_comparisons/ Even the scene release is huge. I want a high quality 1GB 1080p movie rip No. You don't. Even a raw DVD is 5-9GB. A raw BluRay is 30-50GB. Compression is good, but not free. You are giving up an incredible amount of data to compress the file down that far. You would be far better served by watching a 720p or 480p version that wasn't compressed as much. Compare these two screenshots of StarWars, and look at the detail in the guy's wrinkles. If you aren't going to watch a version that lets you see that detail, then don't bother with the 1080p version, because its literally worse quality than a 720p version of equal size. Heres a few more at near the boy's eye, or his cheek. All that skin detail is lost. Is that version perfectly watchable? Yes absolutely. But the detail is missing, and that same detail is missing in the 720 version. Just watch the 720 version. or, his beard especially is noticeable r/Piracy /comments/3bncow/yify_how_much_quality_are_you_sacrificing/ r/Piracy /comments/3wpzkn/video_quality_comparision_between_releases/ You don't need to go to 30GB (which is remux range, or something special you want perfect for repeat watching. But 5-10-15-20 is probably correct, depending on the type of movie (animation or drama can get away with less. Action needs more. r/torrents /comments/1bo3vs/im_seeing_a_few_people_complaining_about_yify/c98f6dy r/torrents /comments/11ajyu/yify_torrents_how_are_they_so_small/c6kroly r/torrents /comments/11ajyu/yify_torrents_how_are_they_so_small/c6m814o I want X. 265 releases The general consensus is that x265 is not as good as x264 yet. While the file sizes are significantly smaller, the quality is also reduced. As 4k content becomes more common, the size savings will be important, but thus far is isn't a good trade for most people. Also, the x265 encoder takes significantly longer (20x) to encode, so is generally not used by the Scene racers. Also, most 265 releases are re-encodes from the x264 release, and most of the higher end trackers do not allow lossy re-encodes. PrivateHD does have a release group that makes 265 encodes from the source though. Here is a shot typical of a 265 conversion. Note the loss of detail in the pinstripes, or on the pews. Is this watchable? Yes. But if you don't care about those details, you could also have just watched the 720 version, that didn't take XX hours to encode. Which sites have release X/Has release X come out yet/Which site gets content the fastest? How do I automate downloading TV/Movies/Music? WARNING automation can seriously destroy your ratio and result in you losing your account. Make sure you have filters set up correctly, or do this only on ratioless sites. TV - Sonarr is probably the most popular and feature rich. You may need to use Jackett with Sonarr depending on which trackers you are trying to use. Sickrage, Sickbeard, and flexget also work. Movies - Couchpotato is the usual answer, but it has some issues, and might possibly be a dead project. Radarr is a fork of Sonarr which targets movie automation. Music - Headphones but music not as heavily automated as TV/Movies RSS - most torrent clients have RSS plugins that will work against many sites, but do not have as much hand-holding and logic built in as the tools above Ratio-Building - For those on fast connections or with seedboxes trying to build buffer by racing the swarm, IRC based autodl-irssi scripts are the fastest, but are the most difficult to set up, and the most risk of screwing up your ratio. How do I use trackers safely (from a legal/MPAA standpoint) VPN or Seedbox. If you use public trackers from the US, or many other countries, use of a VPN and or Seedbox is strongly recommended. You could lose your internet access, or in rare cases be sued for copyright infringement by using public trackers. Some VPNs and Seedboxes will forward any ISP/MPAA letters they receive. Do some research and pick one that is piracy friendly, and does not keep logs. Safety is much less of a concern on private trackers. The majority of users do not use either VPN nor Seedboxes with private trackers and ISP issues (other than exceeding bandwidth caps) are very rare. Most private trackers allow VPN and Seedboxes for downloading. Many have rules against VPNs for browsing the site. Double check before you use one. Seriously, double check. Several of the top tier trackers will permanently disable your account for using a VPN or using a VPN incorrectly. (WCD, PTP, BTN, etc) A seedbox gives you both increased security and higher speeds for maintaining ratio. Be careful of seedboxes that use shared IPs and double check your tracker's rules. Seedbox comparison r/seedboxes /comments/3swnsg/indepth_comparison_tests_information_and_links/ VPN comparison chart How do I use private trackers safely (from a getting pwned standpoint) Pick unique strong passwords, use 2FA where available. Run proper virus scanners etc. See r/trackers /comments/30xtk9/trackers_security_and_you/ and r/trackers /comments/4s4b7m/psa_ensure_your_passwords_are_unique/ My account at X tracker was deleted or disabled/I need to talk to tracker staff If you broke a "serious" rule (ratio cheating, account selling/trading/etc) you are probably SOL. Otherwise go to your tracker's IRC support channel. r/trackers /wiki/irc_support or - These IRC lists are maintained by various source and may be inaccurate. Some of them are maintained by invite trading forums. Take with a grain of salt, and don't join the trading forums. Or the tracker's twitter Is tracker X down? r/trackers /comments/5119ic/is_your_tracker_down_ask_here_instead_of_making_a/ sort=new What is the best way to stream content from my computer to my TV/Device Plex or Kodi for most users. What is the best torrent client? Most private trackers have a whitelist of allowed clients. deluge, qBittorrent, uTorrent, Transmission and rTorrent are fairly universally accepted. Some trackers have blacklisted more recent versions of uTorrent because they previously/recently included some malware. Using an unapproved client, or spoofing your client is generally against the rules, and considered cheating, and a ban-able offense. Don't auto-update your client. Most private trackers manually white-list new versions after testing. If you upgrade early, you won't be able to download/seed anymore. Why does tracker X have a bad reputation There have been several incidents of tracker staff allegedly DDOSing other trackers, stealing peers, scamming users, selling invites to their own or other trackers, being pay-to-leech, and other actions frowned on by the community. Some people disregard the drama and are only interested in the content. Others think that these actions are poisoning the common well. YMMV. r/trackers /comments/1zfy9n/staff_of_ipt_td_and_tt_are_behind_the_recent_ddos/ r/trackers /comments/419m0l/ipt_lottery_winners_scammed_again/ r/trackers /comments/3z19oi/sporthdorg_is_a_scam_avoid_like_the_plague/ r/trackers /comments/3w1lfw/is_hdsportbits_a_scam/ r/trackers /comments/2slsfe/and_the_ipt_co_scams_just_keep_on_coming_the_3/ r/trackers /comments/30t7us/evidence_of_matthers_trading_activites_and_ddos/ ref=search_posts.

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So a lot of the debates in the comments have followed very repetitive back and forths. and I thought why not summarise the two camps in one post. MJs Innocent and MJs Guilty. anyone have any idea how I change the thumbnail on this post? trying this link to do it Some of the arguments are circular so I haven't followed them all through back to the beginning of the rabbit hole (so to speak. Others keep popping up like whack a mole, so I'm hoping I've got the main ones here and we can all stop going in circles (yeah right) Disclaimer - I think he is guilty, which may have resulted in a (subtle. bias in my summaries Second disclaimer - I haven't included people's sources, am going back through and doing this now - i. e. this is going to be an evolving post Edit: I am aiming to link to one source for each statement even though there are multiple multiple sources and posts on each of these arguments - I'm not trying to be comprehensive, just trying to summarise enough to give an overview - if you think of a better representative source than the ones I use just let me know - same for any key points I've missed Wade Robson: MJs Innocent: • Wade Robson changes his story multiple times - implication: hes making it up - blog post on Robson's inconsistencies • Wade Robson's emails show that he included a story that his mother said wasn't true - implication - he didn't care if it was true or not* • There are a number of inconsistencies in dates, places, etc in the documentary (editor's note: these examples are endless and range from credible to dubious imo - and would need a whole different thread to list them all- have included 2 or 3 as examples with the other sides rebuttals after) Example 1) Innocent: Robson claimed in a BBC interview last week that Jackson had abused him ‘hundreds of times - mother says they went to Neverland 14 times some of which Jackson wasn't there - hundreds of times therefore not possible Guilty: they didn't only meet Jackson at Neverland, he was also on tour with him and the abuse happened over years - hundreds is not a stretch Example 2) Innocent: Wade & Wade's sister differ as to which night - the first or the second - the sister stayed in the room with MJ and Wade Guilty: It's not uncommon for child sexual abuse victims to have small discrepancies in their memories and for their stories to evolve as they process their abuse MJs Guilty • Wade Robson's story changing is not an unusual pattern for child sex abuse survivors - study on patterns in child sexual abuse victims' testimony • Inconsistencies can come from victims trying to force themselves to come to terms with their memories and document their recollections within the court timeline of 2 years from filing • Wade Robson and Wade Robson's mother might have different memories as to what happened - that doesn't prove an intent to lie and fabricate an entire story • Wade Robson was a very young child when this all happened, he might not be 100% accurate on small details but his story is still credible MJs Innocent: • Wade Robson asked the Jackson estate for a job and was refused - implication: his motivation was financial/job related* • Wade Robson initially filed his case under seal - implication: the court case was a way of extracting money • MJ's niece - Brandi - who dated Wade says that he was an opportunist and never showed any signs of being abused • Wade Robson started accusing Jackson when his career and finances were in a mess - implication: his motivation was trying to get himself out of a hole* • Wade Robson wrote a book about the abuse that he wanted to sell* • Wade Robson wrote ‘Its time for me to get mine' in his diary about his accusations* • Judge Beckloff said that no-one could reasonably believe Robson in his ruling * Same source 2016 Court Deposition Transcript MJs Guilty • If Wade Robson made up the story to win a court case and get money he would have made up a simpler easier lie that spanned a shorter period of time • If Wade Robson made up his story to win a court case he could have pretended he repressed the memory rather than admit he knowingly lied under oath • To believe Robson made up the story, you have to also believe that either (a) his wife and family are also lying OR (b) he has concoted an elaborate lie that means he has conned his wife and family and has put them through the trauma of believing he was abused • Wade Robson wanting/needing money off the estate does not have to be mutually exclusive with him having been abused • He filed his case with the "details under seal" the accusation itself was very much public - not exactly a great way to blackmail unless your details are damning. • Brandi Jackson is not an expert on the behaviour of sexual abuse victims and she is also not a neutral observer • Judge Beckloff never ruled on Robson's credibility - he ruled on the statute of limitations on his claim MJs Innocent • Wade Robson's current testimony implies he lied under oath when he said MJ didn't molest him - implication - he is not credible • Wade Robson's case was kicked out of court - implication - it was clearly not credible • Wade Robson's case was deemed not credible by the Judge presiding it MJs Guilty • He explains his reasons for lying in the documentary - he was groomed and controlled by MJ. A study on documented CSA victims showed that up to 80% initially denied the abuse. • If you discount Wade Robson's credibility you have to then revisit both the 93 and 05 trial and assess the evidence without his testimony - implication - the case against MJ becomes more credible and a conviction in the 2005 case a lot more likely - even MJ's lawyer admits it could have ended up with a hung jury • The case was kicked out for being submitted too long after the crime was alleged to have occurred. The judge only ruled on the statute of limitations argument, not the credibility of the case. Source for Wade Robson's Complaints & Court Case Documents James Safechuck: MJs Innocent • James Safechuck only joined Robson's suit because he had money issues • James states that he was abused in the train station. This tweet shows that the train station was only built in 1993 and James said the abuse stopped in 1992. Additional sources from reddit post comments: Blueprints and here and here Newspaper article MJs Guilty • James Safechuck can need money AND still have been abused • That tweet about the train station is posted by an MJ fan and only shows the corner of a document, if the document is so damning why not link to the whole document? It could easily have been an application for an extension or something unrelated. • So Safechuck got either the dates of the location wrong, this is not evidence of lying, just the fallability of memory over time and under trauma • James Safechuck clearly states that he joined the suit because it took him seeing Wade's testimony to realise what he had experienced was abuse* MJ's Innocent: • Safechuck claims under oath in the lawsuit that he only realised Jackson had abused him in 2013 but then says later that he didn't testify in 2005 because he knew it was abuse • Safechuck claims he was asked to testify for Jacksons defence. All testimony about Safechuck was banned from the courtroom. So Jacksons defence cannot have asked him to testify, in fact they didn't need him to testify. blog post citing MJ's defence team member • There are more of these sort of discrepancies in his multiple versions of the abuse - implication - this story was made up and he is slipping up on his memorised spiel - Blog on discrepancies MJ's Guilty: • Safechuck says he didn't testify in 2005 because he was scared of the scrutiny and of being found out bc MJ told him they'd both be ruined if they were caught - he never says because he was aware it was abuse* • Safechuck talks about MJ calling him up asking him to testify. It is possible MJ asked him without realising that he couldn't. Safechuck also doesn't state when exactly MJ called him, it could have been before the decision to rule him out as a witness was made (editor's note: I found something on p117 of the court transcripts that says evidence relating to JS can't be admitted but nothing so far saying he couldn't testify as a witness) • It has been documented that victims of child abuse will show minor discrepancies in their stories as they work through acknowledging and processsing that abuse study on patterns in child sexual abuse victims' testimony • Inconsistencies can come from victims trying to force themselves to come to terms with their memories and document their recollections within the court timeline of 2 years from filing * Same source: Oprah interview Jordan Chandler: MJs Innocent • Jordan Chandler stated in a letter that he lied on his father's order blog post • The Chandlers stopped cooperating with the criminal investigation after receiving the settlement - showing that all they cared about was the money - implication - they lied for money MJs Guilty • Jordan Chandler never made this statement - it's a hoax/fake blog post that came out when MJ died Snopes debunk • The Chandlers stopped cooperating with the criminal investigation after receiving the settlement - implication - MJ bought their silence bc he was guilty MJs Innocent • Jordan Chandler's father used a drug during a dental procedure to get a confession from him - this drug has been used to implant false memories • Jordan Chandler's father fabricated the whole thing for money and to bring Jackson down - he says so on a recorded call between him and Jordan's stepfather MJs Guilty • The implanted memories thing is such a stretch as to be ludicrous • Jordan Chandler's father wanting money and to bring Jackson down can be true AND it be true that Jordan was abused • Jordan Chandler's father doesn't say that he is lying, he does say that he wants to bring Jackson down. At that point he suspects that MJ has an inappropriate relationship with his son, so it's understandable. call transcript and recordings on pro-MJ blog * Editor's note - if someone has a link to the phone call transcipt that isn't editorialised that would be great! MJs Guilty • Jordan Chandler drew a picture of MJ's penis that matched photos - which proves he was telling the truth - source: Sneddon - lead prosecutor - testifies that he saw the drawing and photo and they matched • Jackson's lawyer said the drawing was part of the "300 pound gorilla" in the room during the mediation process. NB I haven't managed to find the original recordings, these are transcripts so potentially could be inaccurate. • Jackson settled the lawsuit for over 20, 000, 000. Someone who is innocent can afford to spend this on a lawsuit spanning years if not decades. Someone who is innocent does not give up that much money for a false lawsuit. MJs Innocent • Jordan Chandler said MJ was circumcised when he wasn't - which proves he is not a credible witness. blog post that seems to have some version of the original drawings -though hard to verify this and from the blog text they seem to be one's done by Chandler's father - not from the court case • Sneddon wasn't qualified to make the comparison between the drawing and the photo, his assessment was full of mistakes. blog • Jackson was sick and worn out by the time he settled. He settled because he was broken by the process, not because he was guilty. Arviso Court Transcript from 2005 MJs Innocent • The testimony about the porn magazines was rigged by the DA, they planted fingerprints on a magazine during the grand jury trial. It is in the deposition - blog post MJs Guilty • There is no evidence of this, there is evidence that the magazines were released to the court before being tested by mistake but it isn't proven that fingerprints were planted or that the DA was corrupt MJs Innocent • Witnesses testified that the Arviso children were demanding, unruly and "trashed" guest rooms - implication - they were out of control children • His father was a money grabber who begged from multiple celebrities - implication the trial was a cash grab* • His mother committed welfare fraud and had a history of fabricating stories. Same source blog on Arviso credibility issues MJs Guilty • Kids can be unruly and still be abused • The father can be a money grabbing lowlife, the mother a criminal and their son could still have been abused MJs Innocent • Gavin attributed a quote to Jackson that came from his grandmother • Gavin told his school administrator that Jackson had not molested him MJs Guilty • Both Gavin and his brother testified under oath that MJ molested Gavin • Both Gavin and his brother stated MJ had given them alcohol and showed them pornography MJ's Innocent • Gavin and his brother looked at the pornography themselves when MJ wasn't there and also raided the wine cellar. Evidence from the trials, word of mouth, media, documentaries etc: Behaviour and Patterns MJs Guilty • He admits to sleeping with young boys, that is enough of a red flag • He had locks and alarms on his bedroom doors - red flag • He shared a bed with young boys of a certain type and age • He isn't linked with any grown men or women ( editor's note - Scott Thorson said he slept with him but I haven't seen MJ supporters use this in his defence) • 4 boys that have been proven to have slept at MJ's house and in his bedroom, and one that was proven to have regularly been there have accused him - Gavin Arviso, Jordan Chandler, Jason Francia, Wade Robson and James Safechuck all say MJ molested them • Michael Jacobs-Hagen, proven to have hung out with Michael Jackson, has accused MJ of being innapropriately sexual with him when they shared a bed • Terry George - who lived in the UK - stated that MJ rang him and masturbated on the phone when he was 13 blog debating the story • He doesn't have to abuse every child who stayed at the ranch to have abused some • There is a photoshoot directed by MJ with his nephew's band which shows MJ next to a young boy pulling his underwear down to show his pubes MJs Innocent • MJs not like most normal people, he was abused as a kid, he had a child's mentality and wanted to recreate his childhood/help kids/enjoy life through the company of kids • Someone being weird and eccentric is not the same as being proven a paedophile. • He slept on the floor - not on the bed with them • It's not proven he had alarms on his doors in order to not be caught. Any alarms he did have were the normal security alarms needed by a major celebrity. People had broken in before p61 of 146 Trial transcript, maid's testimony • He slept in a very very large room with the boys, it was more like a flat • He dated many women and married LM Presley and was obsessed with Diana Ross • Gavin Arviso, Jordan Chandler, Jason Francia, Wade Robson and James Safechuck are all lying under various motivations, most often money, sometimes parental influence. Other boys who have stayed there have said they weren't molested. • Michael Jacobs-Hagen has been accused of forgery and is not a trustworthy source. • The 'grooming' processes described by Safechuck and Robson are dramatically different. With Robson the abuse starts almost on the first day, with Safechuck it takes a long period of grooming before the abuse starts. Implication: a molestor has one type of modus operandi, they made the story up • Terry George sold his story for money OR Terry George was the victim of a hoax from one of MJ's brothers blog debating the story • All teen bands have done photoshoots trying to max their sexuality. This is not proof of abuse • Talking of patterns, Robson and Safechuck's lawyers brought another case forward on behalf of an anonymous woman that had "proof" of abuse but then just faded away. Implication: the lawyers are chasing the money and don't care who they represent, or how strong their cases really are • This accusation is one of many that is potentially being orchestrated to bring Michael Jackson's legacy down, most probably due to financial motivations MJ's Guilty • The alarms were not the normal security alarms - One of his "alarms" didn't link to any security system, it mearly played a bell noise to alert him someone was coming - this doesn't sound like it was designed to protect him from intruders • Someone so childlike and innocent with a child's mentality would not be so savvy about things like acquiring the Beatles' back catalogue etc • The size of the room is not relevant, what is relevant is whether he shared a bed with the children, something he admits he did • According to their timelines, MJ abused Safechuck first, it is not a stretch to imagine he was more confident in not being caught and less cautious by the time Robson came along • It is possible for it to be true that Robson and Safechuck's lawyers are opportunists AND for Robson and Safechuck to have been abused • A case 'fading away' doesn't mean it wasn't credible, there are any number of reasons why that case might not have gone forward. MJs Innocent • He was tried and convicted and found innocent • The FBI spent 10 years monitoring/investigating him and found nothing • MJ once wrote a note ( reddit post) to his family to be careful for their children bc a lot of molestors come from within the family - a child abuser wouldn't do this MJs Guilty • He wasn't found innocent, he was found not-guilty, the burden of proof is on the prosecutors. • He was found not guilty because of false witness testimony and prosecutor errors. • The FBI didn't spend 10 years monitoring him, they spent 2 years supporting the police investigation with technical support. FBI vault • Abusers aren't cartoon villains - they can be contradictory - he may genuinely have wanted to protect his nieces and nephews OR he could have wanted to allay the family's suspicions of him • He shows all the classic signs of a predator - spend as much time on the family as the victim, shower them with gifts and convince them you are special and can be trusted, isolate the kid from the family etc educational booklet on child molesters MJ's Innocent • He shows all the classic signs of a philanthropist who wanted to focus on helping children, spending time with both the family and child, showering them with gifts, making the child feel special etc • Regardless of proven innocent or not guilty in the court, he has the right to be presumed innocent now until proven guilty. Editor's note: To me this is the crux of the divide between the two camps. what is considered (good) enough proof. Evidence MJs Guilty • He had very dodgy books of borderline child erotica in his bedroom* • Those book/s had his inscriptions in them* • He had multiple copies of pornography entitled "Barely Legal" in his bedrooms and his bathrooms - which shows what his taste was* • One of the authors of those books is a convicted paedophile • The 2005 court case evidence listed sadomasochistic porn and male erotica kept in his master bedroom and by his bed - this is incongruous with the a "child at heart" who innocently shares his bed with children defence* Same souce Court filed list of evidence MJs Innocent • He had a large collection and bought book collections in bulk • Those books are available on amazon - none are illegal • None of the pornography he owned was illegal • He was gifted those books • The inscription was a harmless notation • He kept his porn locked away from the kids when they stayed MJs Guilty • He had a photo/s of a nude boy (thought to be Spence) in his collection. It was listed in 2005 court case documents under "seized evidence of erotic materials" MJs Innocent • The prosecutor decided it was evidence that was "erotic" it doesn't mean it was • No one has seen this photo, we have no idea what it does or does not prove MJs Innocent • There is no evidence to back up Safechuck and Robson's version MJs Guilty • Witness statements/first person testimony are evidence MJs Guilty • The similarities in details come from MJ's modus operandi. • Family members corroborate the details of the accusations • There are faxes from MJ stating his declarations of love to the victims MJs Innocent • The similarities in details showed they fabricated the stories together/copied previous false allegations blog post on collaboration • The family members are either lying or have said that the abuse didn't happen • Faxes declaring love do not prove abuse Other witnesses MJs Guilty • Previous staff from Neverland Ranch testified to seeing him behave innapropriately with young boys From the 2005 court case. A maid said she saw him kissing Macaulay Culkin and fondling Chandler A security guard said he saw him perform oral sex on Chandler The cook said that he saw Jackson with his hand in Culkin's underpants A former house manager said that he often saw children emerge drunk from the wine cellar with Jackson * Same source: Court transcripts From the media: A security guard talks about seeing MJ touching boys inappropriately • One of the maids' sons - Jason Francia - said that Jackson had molested him while tickling him and paid him money afterwards • His sister LaToya Jackson says he was a child abuser • A journalist in Ireland said that he witnessed Safechuck and MJ in a hotel and found it odd that Safechuck's door always had a "do not disturb" sign on it and sheets hung over the windows, so much so that they tried to bribe a porter to ask Safechuck if he had been abducted by MJ MJs Innocent • These people are not credible and were motivated by money and/or fame From the 2005 allegations: Macaulay Culkin rebutted the maid's testimony Both the maid and the security guard sold their story for money The maid had said in an court deposition that she didn't see anything Both the maid and security guard had sued Jackson for wrongful dismissal • A journalist seeing the worst case scenario is not proof of anything • His sister is not a credible witness, at the time she said that she was in a very turbulent time in her own life. The rest of his family say he isn't an abuser. MJs Innocent • Corey Feldman - a known hater of pedophiles - says MJ wasn't a pedophile MJs Guilty • Corey Feldman is not a magic pedophile-ometer - hes also publicly changed his stance since watching the doc The documentary itself MJs Innocent • The producers/directors/powers that be edited the version released in the UK because they realised there were discrepancies and lies in the edited parts • Dan Reed is clearly biased and coaches Robson and Safechuck • The documentary fails to give a balanced view, it only lets Robson & Safechuck and their families have a say • It is dodgy that the documentary doesn't mention: 1) Brandi Jackson's relationship with Wade (2) Wade's previous court cases (3) The Jackson estate/family's point of view Editor's note: There are many variations on "why was X left out" I will try to keep adding the main ones but will probably not catch them all • The documentary is irresponsible, it has resulted in a massive backlash against MJ with people judging him and damning him based on what the documentary says alone. That is not fair and not right. • Robson and Safechuck are using the documentary to strengthen their appeal on a multi-million dollar lawsuit - letter from Jackson Estate to HBO MJs Guilty • They edited it because the UK broadcaster needed room for advertisements • There is no evidence of him "coaching" Robson and Safechuck, he asks them questions sure, but this is a documentary, that's what documentary makers do • Reed states that his documentary wasn't interested in investigating the argumentation for and against the abuse, instead he was interested in giving a portrait of how abuse like this happens. With that goal including (1) 2) etc wasn't important. • If by Reed is biased you mean Reed believes the two men, then agreed, Reed believes them • This documentary is not the only documentary on MJ, it's not the only information out there for people to see, it's intended as an additional piece of information. It's up to people to see it, and work out for themselves if they find it credible based on what else they have, or have not, researched. It is up to the viewer to be as "fair" or "right" as they see necessary. The documentary makes it very clear what its position is in relation to the allegations.

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